BROOKVILLE — Erich May, Brookville’s new superintendent of schools, has a plan for the district. Part of that plan is restructuring the duties of the administrative team.

Monday night he told the school board he plans to “have a more traditional leadership” team. Under his plan the principals will be Ruthanne Barbazzeni at the high school, Jessica Lindsay at Hickory Grove and Jill Rhoades at Northside and Pinecreek. “I will be working with Dr. (Brigette) Matson and the principals to iron out job descriptions and responsibilities over the next month, and bring some action to the board in August,” he said.

In his first report to the board, May thanked “the board, the staff and the community for the really warm welcome. More and more than ever I am impressed by the caliber of the people I am working with, the quality of our facilities.” He said he has been given a top to bottom tour of the schools “and all of our facilities are in great shape.”


Dealing with numerous resignations and retirements during the past few months, the board is working to fill the positions before the beginning of the school term next month.

Hired Monday night as the new assistant principal was Kyle Gordon, at a salary of $75,000 per year. He fills the vacancy created by the resignation of John Lesjack.

Gordon is a native of Reynoldsville. He previously was involved in Campus Ministries at Penn State and was a social studies teacher at Ridgway High School. He has also coached basketball and cross country.

  • Also hired was Anna Osiol as a secondary music teacher at a salary of $41,200. She fills the vacancy created by the resignation of Deanna Owens.
  • The board hired two teacher aide/child specific aides. Ginger Bish will be assigned to Hickory Grove and Tess Anderson will be assigned to Pinecreek.
  • Hired as an elementary office secretary was Kimberlee Mackey. She fills the vacancy created by the transfer of Heather London.
  • Loreli Greely was hired as a custodian to fill the vacancy created by the transfer of David Shiock.
  • Resignations were accepted from Deanna Owens, music teacher, and Michael Nines, math teacher.
  • Added to the list of substitute teachers was Linda Coulson. Also approved as substitutes were Grant Traister of Templeton and Milton Ragsdale of Brookville, custodians.
  • Supplemental contracts were approved for: Chris Hill, assistant athletic director; Eric Sweitzer, Archery Club and German Club; Steve Jaworski, Art Club; Conor Omecinski, Bible Club; Morgan Easterbrook and Melinda Burton, Class of 2020; Joyce Reitz and Andilynne Kalkbrenner, Class of 2021; Conor Omecinski and Shaina Hile, Class of 2022; Olivia McGarvey and Cody Wells, Class of 2023; Ben Pete, Class of 2024; Andilynne Kalkbrenner, Drama Club; FBLA, Kelly Burford; Cody Wells, History Club; Amanda Carrico, Math Club; Marie Fescemyer, Med Club; Andrea Taylor and James Overly, National Honor Society; Kristen Drake, National Junior Honor Society; Kris Johnson, PULSE Club; Erin McCronich, Spanish Club; Jake Lewis and Bryan Provance, Technology/Engineering Education; and Amy Watson, elementary Student Council.

• Approved as coaches for the football season were Scott Park, head varsity coach; Nick Nosker, first assistant coach; Jim Rush and Gabe Bowley, assistant coaches; and Casey Belfiore, junior high assistant coach.

Approved as football volunteers were Andy Martino, Dave Fitch, Bob Nye, Jeff Park, Shaun Reynolds, Ryan Blochberger, Jonah Sampson, Jamie Lindermuth, Tom Krug, Chad Hannah, John MacBeth; and at the study table, Fred Park and Ed Richards.

Also approved were:

• Golf — Ben Pete, head coach; Jack Maton, volunteer.

• Girls golf — Alison Bernat, head coach.

• Cross country — Doug Roseman, head coach; Dan R. Murdock, assistant coach.

• Boys soccer — Dave Reitz, head coach; Corey Oakes, assistant coach; Shawn Castellan and Justin Miller, volunteers.

• Volleyball — Joyce Reitz, head coach.

• Girls basketball — Mark Powell, head varsity coach; Mark Schindler, junior high assistant coach; Carol Schindler, volunteer.

• Boys basketball —Dalton Park, head varsity coach; Bud Baughman, Matt Shaffer, Jim McCracken, Jeff McMaster, Rich Rhoades and Don Gill, volunteers.

• Girls soccer — Kaitlyn Hill, head coach; Markelle Matthews, assistant coach; Renee Peace, Madison Hill, Alyssa Heschke, Samantha Byerly and Jim Hill, volunteers.

Other actions

Local News Coverage

• Board member Fred Park reported on the buildings and grounds committee meeting held earlier this month. He said the board discussed the lack of a sidewalk between Hickory Grove and the houses on Doe Drive. “Bob Fiscus (director of buildings and grounds) will be talking to PennDOT about that.”

Park said members of PATHS also attended the meeting to present information about the need for more shade on the playgrounds. He said Fiscus and May will review the information “and make recommendations on how to respond” to the request.

• Board member Kerith Strano Taylor suggested the board revisit the district’s dress code to make it more uniform for both girls and boys.

• The board approved a LERTA application from James D. Robertson, who is currently renovating the KFC restaurant on Allegheny Boulevard into a veterinary clinic. The estimated cost of the improvements is $500,000.

• Food contracts for the coming school year were awarded to Nickle’s Bakery for bread and US Foods for primary food and supplies.

• An agreement for supplemental and back-up Internet services was approved with Comcast. The 24-month agreement will cost the district $1,402.80 annually, with an installation fee of $99.

• The board authorized Barbazzeni to apply for a federal School Culture and Climate Grant and for state School Safety and Security Grants. She said creating a positive school climate can also support school safety.

• Approved as feeder programs for 2019-2020 athletic programs were Lumberjacks and JC flag league football, Lumberjacks cheerleaders, SAY soccer, YMCA youth cross country program, elementary track, wrestling and basketball; YMCA swim program and Brookville Area Little League.

The next scheduled meeting of the Brookville Area School Board is its work session at 7 p.m. Monday, August 12, in the LGI room at Hickory Grove.

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