BROOKVILLE — Bowling leagues are preparing to begin their season at the Brookville bowling alley, but many changes have taken place during the off season at the lanes.

Second Strike Lanes, formerly Brookville Lanes, has been taken under new ownership over the summer, and is in the process of having improvements done. The lanes are now owned by Chris and Tracy Morris, who also own Second Strike DJ Service.

The weekday leagues had their meetings last week in preparation for the new season, and regular bowlers had a chance to see the updated interior of the bowling alley. More details about the updates to the bowling alley will be available closer to their grand opening on Sept. 14.

New bowlers are still welcome to sign up to bowl on any league night they wish. Full teams can be signed up, or single bowlers, and teams will be worked out on the first night of league. The best way to contact the bowling alley about league is through the Facebook page, Second Strike Lanes, at this time.

Leagues this year will be church league on Mondays, Tuesday night league open to all adults, Wednesday night women’s league, Thursday night league open to all, and Sunday night mixed couples league. There will also still be youth bowling on Saturday, but registration is yet to come for this league.

Leagues will begin the week of September 2 at 6:30 p.m. except for church league, which will begin the following Monday at 7 p.m. There will be 34 weeks of bowling through fall and winter.

The leagues themselves also made a few changes for this season under the new ownership of Morris. Years ago, leagues would sell 50/50 and strike ball tickets for a chance to win some extra money for the night. Strike ball tickets are purchased, then one is randomly drawn. Whoever has their ticket drawn can win the money if they throw a strike with their next ball. If not, a new ticket is drawn for someone else to try.

Both the Tuesday and Thursday leagues voted to reinstate the 50/50 and strike ball tickets. Half of the money from 50/50 tickets must to go to a non-profit organization. Both leagues also agreed for their money to go towards the Relay for Life, which Morris is a part of, until he can secure the youth league its 501C paperwork. From then on, the money will go to the youth bowlers to help them with tournament trips and possibly jerseys, something they have not had in several years at Brookville.

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The price of bowling for league was increased from $9.50 to an even $10 by Morris, so both Tuesday and Thursday leagues also agreed to increase the price of their bowling to an even $13. This increased the team kitty from $2.50 to an even $3, with many bowlers agreeing they didn’t want to deal with change each week. Wednesday league will cost $12 for bowling, and voted to be a non-sanctioned league again this year.

Both Tuesday and Thursday leagues also voted to allow pre-bowling to anyone unable to make it on their league night, but it must be done before the day of their league. These were the only leagues that did not allow this up to this year. As always late bowlers can make-up their first game at the end of the set if they arrive before 7:30 p.m. the night of their league.

Tuesday night had an odd number of teams at the time of the meeting, meaning they would have a bye team in play each week. It was voted to do a blind draw each week for the team left without a match. They will put all the other teams in a drawing, pick one out, and bowl against their scores for the week.

Tuesday night league is made up of three-man teams, which they decided to keep again this year. Thursday night is five-man teams, which was a popular topic of discussion. Some wanted to move to four-man teams to possibly make more teams, and others were fine with the way the teams are now. Only one team was going to be short a member to meet the five-man requirement. Several known bowlers not yet signed up were mentioned, and they agreed to stay at five-man teams for now, until they see how much participation there is at the start of the season.

Morris is looking forward to the start of the season as the new owner of the Second Strike Lanes.

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