BROOKVILLE — Sports activities highlighted Monday night’s meeting of the Brookville Area School Board.

Superintendent Erich May congratulated Athletic Director Dave Osborne on winning the District-9 Sportsmanship Award. “That sportsmanship award is a really big deal,” May said. “It says something about the Raider Nation, the kind of coaches, parents and athletes we have. I know it was a personal goal for Mr. Osborne to bring home the Sportsmanship Award.” Osborne said the last time the district received the sportsmanship award was in 2008.

In her report to the board, student representative Taylor Reitz thanked everyone who helped the volleyball team with a recent project. “At their recent game against DuBois, the volleyball team presented Lakin Smith, a senior member of the DuBois volleyball team who is currently battling cancer, with money they raised from the serve-a-thon and from a BHS staff jeans day at the school. The Lady Raiders were proud to announce that they were able to donate approximately $1,806 from the serve-a-thon and $253 from the jeans day, and thank everyone who participated,” she said.

When the board approved a list of coaches and volunteers for winter sports, board member Rick Ortz questioned the need to approve coaches and volunteers if some winter sports will not be held as a result of current restrictions.

May said he hopes the sports will be able to continue, and stressed that for all sports, “events being held in our buildings are following the governor’s capacity limits.”

COVID grantMay reported that the district has been notified by the county commissioners that additional funding for pandemic-related expenses is available to the district.

“CARES funding was distributed by the federal government at various levels,” he said. “Some funding was given directly to the school district and was spent largely on student devices as we unrolled a one-to-one program for this fall. The county was also the recipient of CARES funding and they were kind enough to share some of that county CARES funding with groups like ours.

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“This has all happened pretty quickly and we have been given an opportunity to seek reimbursement for some of our technology and safety expenses. Not everything we did to prepare for the pandemic fit under the grants we already received, and now we have an opportunity to seek reimbursement for other technology and expenses. We sure do appreciate the county commissioners directing some of their funds in our direction,” he said.

The maximum reimbursement available to the district from the county would be $83,358, and must be used by October 30. “That is why so much of it will be used for reimbursement. This has been a year like no other. We bought things the district never bought before. We are really lucky to have this kind of assistance from the county. They recognize the challenges school districts are facing and we are so grateful for the additional funding,” he said.

Policy and financeFollowing a request from high school Principal Ruthanne Barbazzeni last week, the board voted to waive the graduation requirement regarding Keystone Exams which would have been given in April. Mandatory school closure because of the pandemic forced the district to cancel those exams and Barbazzeni said it would be very difficult for students to prepare to take the exams now. The waiver only includes the Keystone Exams which would have been given in the spring of 2020 had normal circumstances prevailed.

The board approved the newest list of persons seeking 2020 exoneration from the occupational assessment tax. Board member John Pozza said he believes more clarification is needed as to who is exempt from paying the tax, particularly those listed as retired. At last week’s meeting the board was told that even if a person has retired, any earned income during the taxing year obligates them to pay the tax.


  • The board accepted the resignation for retirement purposes of Jana Bickerstaff, learning support teacher at Hickory Grove, effective October 1. Hired to fill the vacancy was Kelsey Lutz, at a starting salary of $42,668.
  • Hired as food service workers were Melissa Bowser and Brittany Kirk, each at $10.50 per hour, to fill vacancies.
  • Carolyn Confer-Vogt was transferred from child specific aide to Title I aide, at the same pay rate. Hired as a child specific aide at $10.25 per hour was Courtney Bish.
  • Mike Machusko was tranferred from Custodian I to Custodian II, with a $1 per hour pay increase, to fill a vacancy at Hickory Grove.
  • Added to the list of day-to-day substitutes were Jada Palmer, child specific aide, and Amy Preston Gillung of Brookville, teacher.
  • Approved as mentors were Laura Grabigel for Meagan Shaw and Sarah Leight for Kelsey Lutz.
  • Approved as an advisor was Andrea Taylor, Peer Connections and co-advisor for National Honor Society.
  • Boys basketball — Dan Park was approved as an assistant coach for junior high basketball if 31 or more boys are playing.
  • Swimming — Ray Doolittle, head coach; Jill Northey, assistant coach; Justin Ransel, Sharon Doolittle and Jaren Ananea, volunteers.
  • Girls basketball — Mark Powell, head coach; Jim Hill, assistant coach; Kait Hill, volunteer.
  • Wrestling — Dave Klepfer, head coach; Mick Stormer and Andy Viglione, assistant coaches; Scott Park, John Matacic, Eli Torres, Brady Mason, Casey Belfiore, John MacBeth, Dave Jackson, Dontae Constable, Darren Hack, Buck McKillip, Mark Mazmarczyk, Brett Smith, Evan Delong, Dan Eberts, Martin Smith and Dave Hegburg, volunteers.

The next scheduled meeting of the Brookville Area School Board will be a work session at 6 p.m. Monday, November 9, in the Hickory Grove gym.

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