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John Briggs (left) and Rich Conti of Brookville are pictured at the 2019 Home and Garden Show in Pittsburgh with Hooks USA products.

BROOKVILLE — A Brookville business owner recently attended the 2019 Pittsburgh Home and Garden Show, encouraging new customers to get hooked on his popularly-growing product.

John Briggs, a Brookville native, moved to New York City when he was a mathematics, computer and art teacher for five years, he said. He then worked as a cabinet maker for 21 years, moving back to Brookville in 2009.

At the end of 2017, Briggs and Rich Conti partnered to start “InvestDesignProduction, LLC,” creating wood products from home.

“One of the products I designed was an efficient vertical hook for small or confined space living. Seeing its mass appeal, we started with that as our first product,” Briggs said. “Hooks USA was born.”

The Hooks USA is a multi-functional vertical hanging system – a heavy-duty tool to help people organize their homes in numerous ways, according to

The hooks system is good inside the home, Briggs says, but also for campers, boats and tiny houses. It’s available in 10 different colors, and can easily hang items like eye and sunglasses, handbags and jewelry, pet accessories, exercise and hunting and camping gear, keys, extension cords, and there are many more on the list. Briggs encourages customers to “use their imagination.”

After the business received significant success through Amazon, they decided to give the 2019 Pittsburgh Home and Garden Show a go, Briggs said.

The show on Fort Duquesne Boulevard, held in early March, is 10 days long, featuring a large exposition of new products and ideas for home projects, as well as advice from house experts.

“We were looking for more exposure for the product, and it seemed to be a great fit,” he said. “Our product is unique in that it’s a locally-made, American product that’s 100 percent recyclable. We wanted to provide jobs here in western Pennsylvania, and it was important that our products didn’t end up in a landfill someday.”

InvestDesignProduction, LLC is currently working on developing decorative and functional hardwood instrument stands and Pennsylvania hardwood furniture and wall art, Briggs adds.

The Home and Garden Show was a way for them to market themselves, Briggs said. He finds it rewarding to help people decorate and organize their home with a local product.

“The great thing about the Home and Garden Show is all the wonderful support and feedback we are getting from the people who come to the show in search of home improvements,” he said. “I get great joy watching as our customers try to decide where to put our product, and how many, or what color, they should purchase.”

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