BROOKVILLE — “Jack would be looking down and smiling now,” State Rep. Cris Dush said in opening the dedication service for Parker’s Prayer Place.

The prayer place was donated to the Jefferson County Fairgrounds in memory of E. M. “Jack” Parker by his wife, Jean. The dedication was held Sunday afternoon, prior to the opening of the fair.

Dush said for many years Jack and Jean Parker gave back to their community, “but they realized that Christ is the center of their service.”

After reading from St. John 4, Dush said, “we don’t have a place where we have to go for worship,” referring to the temple. “Whenever you find God leading you, that is when you need to find a place of solitude. Some at this fair will have a calling on their heart. That little prayer closet will be a place where people can go to be in solitude with him.”

During the dedication Pastor Chuck Jack said, “We dedicate Parker’s Prayer Place at the beginning of the fair. People are coming here from many different places, many walks of life to enjoy some of God’s beautiful creation.”

He said, “Jack had an eye for beauty, and we need those focusing moments once in a while. This world is sometimes sin-cramped, and in the struggles of life in the beautiful world God created, we come to dedicate the place of prayer. I hope it will be a place where people will come and say that God is there. We dedicate this place where God will be glorified in this beautiful world for those who have eyes to see.”

Jean Parker spoke briefly, saying, “Here I am, but Jack is with me. He is pouring his love over the community and this fair. I thank the Jefferson County fair board for making this possible.”

Pastor Jack then consecrated Parker’s Prayer Place “for praise and prayer, for holy use for all people.”

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Parker’s Prayer Place is located near the main gate at the entrance to the fairgrounds. While the interior is not yet finished, it will be open throughout the week for all who wish to find a moment for quiet meditation.

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