BROOKVILLE — With just a little more than a week away, one of the most important pre-event steps for Light Up Brookville took place Monday.

The community Christmas tree arrived and was set up on the Jefferson County Courthouse lawn, near the veterans memorials. As has been the case for the past five years, John and Tracy Riddle of Silverado Tree Service arrived in town with a huge fir tree and equipment to place the tree at the town square.

They had help from their son, Josh Riddle, of Silverado Mechanic Services, as well as borough employees Jonathan Rhoades and Shawn Cieleski.

This group worked well together and with visible expertise removed the tree from the truck and set it on the courthouse lawn. Using a chainsaw, the trunk was trimmed to fit into the tree base, which holds it throughout the holiday season. A bucket truck was used to raise the 30-foot tree into the air and with the help of Cieleski, Rhoades and Josh Riddle and a rope tied onto the tree, the tree was swung into place and aligned with the base. A little more maneuvering by both John Riddle, who was operating the bucket truck controls, and the others, including Tracy Riddle, and the tree was soon seated firmly in the base holder.

While some unraveled the many sets of colored lights on the lawn, John Riddle attached a pole along the upper trunk of the tree for added stability and placed the heavy star atop the giant fir tree.

Then it was time for the lights to be added. John Riddle stood in the bucket high above the ground and began to wrap the lights around the top most boughs of the tree. He then left the end of the string hang down to the ground where Cieleski would continue to add on additional light strings. Riddle would use a long tool that looked sort of like a boat hook to extend his reach to situate the lights around the tree, bough by bough. Once the lights were within easy reach of those on the ground, they took over wrapping the lights around the tree to the bottom most branches.

The entire process took only a few hours but was amazing to watch.

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With the tree in place, Christmas lights along Main Street will soon appear as will Santa’s Cottage. The cottage will be on the courthouse lawn as usual and is being decorated this year by Brandi Carrier, of the Brookville Flower Shop. She’ll have it ready for Santa’s arrival in the Light Up Brookville parade on Black Friday at 7 p.m.

A reminder to those who will be in town on Black Friday, the police will begin bagging meters for the two blocks in the center of town between Barnett and Pickering streets. No parking will be allowed from that time until after the event for safety reasons.

Kahle’s Train Rides will be arriving at 4 p.m. and giving rides beginning at 5 p.m. along Main Street. No parking on the street allows those attending to be able to safely enjoy all the free events without worrying about traffic.

Parking will be permitted from Pickering Street to Madison Avenue and from White Street to Barnett Street.

The food court will be set up next to the courthouse on Pickering Street. Besides the lighting of the Christmas Tree at 7 p.m. and the beginning of the parade and the arrival of Santa. There will also be a chance to check out the Bowdish Train exhibit at the Jefferson County History Center between 5 and 8 p.m. Admission to the display is by donation.

A special invite goes out to area dignataries – from local government officials to fair queens and more – to come to Brookville for this free event and help ring in this magical holiday season with the beauty of Christmas lights and decorations and the arrival of Santa.

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