BROOKVILLE — The Brookville Borough council suspended its regular meeting last week at 7:15 p.m. to hold a zoning hearing.

The hearing was to hear pros and cons concerning a zoning change for two lots at the west corner of Creek and South Pickering streets and the east corner of South Pickering and Sylvania to where Sylvania meets Mabon Street. The area, which includes Buffs, is currently zoned as low-density residential.

Speaking about the lot that Buff’s sits on, solictor Jim Dennison said it was an oversight from the mid-1960s when a business was placed there. It should have been zoned commercial then. Buff’s was not asking for the zoning change but it was a request from Donna Jackson and her family. The zoning would be changed to office/commercial.

Jackson said she wanted it zoned commercial to have a little antique shop there and maybe eventually have some food there. Her son, she said, will be living on the property as well.

“We just want to try to bring some business into Brookville,” she said.

She said the garage and the porch on the back of the house are scheduled to be taken down and that area will be graveled. She and her family own up to the old mill on Creek Street.

Dennison said the borough Planning Commission voted unanimously for the zoning change.

One neighbor along South Pickering Street, Janet and William Kelly, wrote a letter to council asking that it deny the zoning change request. “What worries me the most is what could happen to that corner in the future if her house was razed, the property sold and/or new construction proceeded in the office/commercial destination ,” the letter stated. It went on to list some of the possible negative outcomes such as noise, devaluation property, obstruction of view of the town and business parking.

“We don’t want to change it that much,” she said, adding that she didn’t think the noise level would increase with what she is planning.

No one else spoke for or against the change. After closing the hearing, and returning to the regular council meeting, council voted unanimously to approve the zoning change.

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