BROOKVILLE — Jefferson County Treasurer James “Moon” VanSteenberg attended the Jefferson County Commissioners meeting Tuesday morning to bring news for the areas hunters.

June 18, he said, is when hunting licenses go on sale across Pennsylvania. The first round of doe licenses is due Monday, July 9. VanSteenberg suggested that residents mail their doe license applications by Friday, July 6, so that they are received in the treasurer’s office on the 9th.

The first round of “unsold/bonus” license applications should be mailed on Friday, Aug. 3, for processing on Monday, Aug. 6. The second round of unsold applications should be mailed on Friday, Aug. 17, for processing on Monday, Aug. 20.

Non-resident hunters, he said, will be applying for doe licenses one week earlier again this year. Those hunters will be able to apply on Monday, July 16, for doe licenses.

For hunters wanting the Jefferson County Treasurer’s office to process their doe license applications, mail them to: James “Moon” VanSteenberg, Jefferson County Treasurer, 155 Main St., Rm. 212, Brookville PA 15825.


The commissioners were questioned about the health of the DuBois-Jefferson Airport because of media reports that it was at risk of losing its Essential Air Service Program, along with airports in Johnstown and Altoona.

The airports were supposedly at risk of losing their EAS subsidy if they didn’t have 10 passengers daily, which is part of the standards set by the U.S. Department of Transportation for EAS eligibility.

Commission Jack Matson noted that the airport is in good shape. “Southern Airways does above and beyond taking care of DuBois. In terms of flight completions that aren’t weather related, we’re leading the rest of their hubs.

“Johnstown hasn’t been as fortunate as DuBois-Jefferson. The pilot shortage has been a little more difficult of them down there so they’ve had some more issues.”

WE are reapplying for the EAS with the $200 a seat subsidy that we were not meeting. The trends are we’re going to blow that number out of the water.

We don’t anticipate losing that subsidy. New presidents throw it out there in their first term. That’s one of the programs they cut. After they are in office for a couple of years, they understand how essential that is, what that does for our economy for rural regions. On paper it doesn’t look favorable to someone in an urban area that they are subsidizing $200 a passenger to fly but without that subsidy rural airports disappear and access basically to the world disappears from rural America. It’s a very important program, it’s an honorable program, and it’s a just program.


The next board of commissioners meeting is scheduled for 10:30 a.m. June 26 at Jefferson Place. The county prison board meeting is set for noon on June 26 at Jefferson Place.

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