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FALLS CREEK — DuBois Regional Airport Manager Bob Shaffer, at Friday’s Clearfield-Jefferson Counties Regional Airport Authority meeting, presented a draft of the facility’s 2020 budget.

“What we’ve provided to the authority today is a draft budget that Bonnie (Sylvester) prepared ... the finance committee reviewed and tweaked it first, and then the executive committee reviewed it just this past Monday. We’re looking at draft number five from Sept. 23,” said Shaffer.

The budget, Shaffer said, takes the authority through the year.

“Bonnie has done just an excellent job of keeping track over the past year of all the little things that used to fall through the cracks,” said Shaffer. “She’s done a great amount of accurately relating to a budget what it is we think we’re going to need for 2020.”

Compared to the 2019 budget, “we’re growing just a tad,” said Shaffer.

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He said some of that has to do with employee costs, just the general cost of everything increasing.

“It’s a small amount,” said Shaffer. “We had budgeted in 2019 with a negative $266,550 total. We’re budgeting to end it in 2020 with a $230,000 loss. So it’s a little different than the prior year.”

He said both the executive and finance committees have both reviewed the budget and are “very positive with it.”

“We’re looking forward to taking this to the county commissioners here, actually on Monday,” said Shaffer. He said he and authority members Rick Wise and Alvin Rodgers plan to meet with both Clearfield and Jefferson counties to talk about an allocation for 2020.

“Then we’ll be able to come back and complete this budget and accept it,” said Shaffer. “It’ll probably be in either October or November.”

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