FALLS CREEK — The DuBois Regional Airport intends to file an application with the Federal Aviation Adminstration to implement Passenger Facility Charges (PFC) for selected projects already completed.

At the October Clearfield-Jefferson Counties Regional Airport Authority board meeting, airport Manager Bob Shaffer said these projects are projects that were previously completed and which the airport is seeking approval for reimbursement of local airport funding used on each project.

Projects included in the application to impose and use the PFC revenue, i.e., “impose and use” projects include:

  • Construct airport access road and parking lots, phase II, improve terminal utilities, construct T-hangar taxiway, $78,950.
  • Construct airport access road and parking lots, Phase III, $51,571.
  • Acquire snow removal equipment (two carrier vehicles with accessories), $9,942.
  • Rehabilitate runway 7-25, rehabilitate taxiways A, B and C, rehabilitate terminal apron, $7,000.
  • Terminal building rehabilitation, Phase I –roof acquire ARFF equipment, $7,520.
  • Wildlife hazard management plan, $3,575.
  • Water treatment plant upgrades Phase 1 and upgrade security system and gate phase 1, $2,160.
  • Rehab T-Hangar Taxi-way design Phase 1, $908.
  • Improve utilities (upgrade water plant), phase II, construction and upgrade security systems, Phase II construction, $8,557.
  • Acquire snow removal equipment, $1,650.
  • Install guide signs and Naiads (wind cones), $4,360.
  • Rehabilitate runway 7-25, taxiway, and apron crack sealing and marking, $5,549.
  • Rehabilitate and widen T-Hangar Access Taxi-way, $6,823
  • Acquire snow removal equipment (plow and spreader) and aircraft rescue and firefighting vehicle, $19,616.
  • Rehabilitate aircraft rescue and firefighting buidling (radios), $2,180.
  • Removal obstruction study, $2,835.
  • Acquire aircraft rescue and fire fighting equipment, $2,522.
  • PFC application and administration, $60,300.

The total (impose and use) amount is $276,018.

A brief overview of the application shows:

  • Level of proposed PFC for each project: $4.50 per eligible enplaned passenger.
  • Proposed charge effective date, Jan. 1, 2019.
  • Proposed charge expiration date: Dec. 31, 2029.
  • Total estimated PFC revenue, $276,018.

Comments invited

The airport proposes to submit and invites public comment on the application to impose and use PFC revenue at the airport.

Comments must be received on or before Nov. 15.

Comments on the application may be mailed or delivered in triplicate to the following address: Robert Shaffer, Airport Manager, Clearfield-Jefferson Counties Regional Airport Authority, 377 Aviation Way, Reynoldsville, PA 15851.

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