BROOKVILLE — Rep. Cris Dush (R-Jefferson/Indiana) announced Tuesday that 25 volunteer fire and ambulance companies throughout Jefferson and Indiana counties have qualified to receive approximately $285,886 from a grant program administered by the Pennsylvania Emergency Management Agency and Office of the State Fire Commissioner.

“This grant program has provided millions of dollars over the years to help our volunteers better equip their stations, pay down debt or afford capital projects,” said Dush. “I am a strong proponent of volunteerism in many forms, because volunteer service is all about communities coming together and relying on themselves rather than looking to government for answers. These men and women dedicate countless hours to training to keep their rescue and response skills honed and this grant program is just one way in which we can assist their efforts to keep us safe.”

All funding comes from the proceeds from slot machine gaming, and not General Fund tax revenue. Projects eligible for funding include construction or renovation of a fire or ambulance company facility, purchase or repair of equipment, training, or reduction of existing debt.

In addition to supporting this grant program in the Legislature, Dush has also reintroduced his legislation to allow local fire companies to recoup real and reasonable costs associated with their emergency responses (House Bill 183).

Following is a list of local fire and ambulance companies and the amount of their grant awards:

Jefferson County

  • Big Run Volunteer Fire Company, $12,833.
  • Brockway Volunteer Hose Company, $12,833.
  • Brookville Volunteer Fire Company, $11,543.
  • Central Fire Department, $12,649.
  • Elk Run Volunteer Fire Company, $11,543.
  • Friendship Hose Company No. 1, $11,911.
  • Jefferson County EMS, $7,037.
  • Knox Township Volunteer Fire Department, $11,543.
  • Lindsey Fire Company, $12,464.
  • McCalmont Township Volunteer Fire Company, $13,201.
  • Oliver Township Volunteer Fire Company, $11,543.
  • Perry Township Volunteer Fire Company, $11,543.
  • Pine Creek Township Volunteer Firemen’s Association, $11,543.
  • Reynoldsville Volunteer Fire Company, $12,833.
  • Reynoldsville Ambulance Service, $7,037.
  • Ringgold Area Volunteer Fire Company, $11,543.
  • Sigel Volunteer Fire Department, $11,543.
  • Summerville Volunteer Firemen’s Association, $11,543.
  • Sykesville Volunteer Fire Company, $14,307.
  • Sykesville Ambulance Service, $6,622.

Indiana County

  • Cherry Tree Volunteer Fire Company, $11,727.
  • Commodore Volunteer Fire Department, $11,727.
  • Glen Campbell Volunteer Fire Department, $11,543.
  • Marion Center Volunteer Fire Department, $11,543.
  • Rossiter Volunteer Fire Company, $11,727.

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