BROOKVILLE –Replacing a vehicle can be expensive. It can become even more expensive if that vehicle is a police cruiser. The Brookville Borough was faced with that unexpected expense but help came from an unexpected source: The Brookville Eagles Club.

Saturday, the members of the Fraternal Order of Eagles #983 donated $27,205 to the Brookville Borough to purchase the police car.

Recently Brookville Police Chief Jason Brown said the engine in the department’s 2011 black and white cruiser had blown. Brown said the car has 127,000 miles and was “pretty well done.”

Brown said he had investigated two options: Repairing the car or searching for a used vehicle that would be available from other departments. Repairing the old cruiser was cost prohibitive which left the borough with the option of finding a suitable used car.

It appeared at that time that a new car was not an option. A new car would have cost almost $27,205 if purchased through Costars, a program that allows municipalities in Pennsylvania an option to purchase equipment from authorized dealers at a lower cost. To finance a new vehicle would have cost the borough about $9,368.76. Much of the equipment from the old cruiser could be utilized in a new car. The change over of the equipment would cost $6,200 above the cost of the car.

That was before the Eagles stepped in. Brown stated at an earlier borough council meeting that a local organization had offered to fund the purchase of the new car but would not be able to pay the $6,200 to change over the equipment.

Eagles President Daniel Lander was quoted stating the money came from donations from members and gambling money.

“Our motto is people helping people,” Lander said in a televised report. “That’s what we do.”

“We give to many charities in the area,” Lander said in that interview. “We gave over $100,000 last year.”

Brown said the new car has been ordered.

“The support from the community in this climate against police officers has been huge,” Brown said in a televised report. “The borough and surrounding areas have been supportive and this is just the icing on the cake.”

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