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Wayne Jackson (center), president of the Jefferson County Fair Authority, welcomed Mitch Minich and Lainey Fritz as the newest members of the board. Appointed by the county commissioners last month, they will serve five-year terms.

BROOKVILLE — When Mitch Minich and Lainey Fritz were welcomed as new members of the Jefferson County Fair Authority last week, they received a brief history of the work the authority has accomplished in recent years.

Solicitor Jim Dennison said, “There is a long history here. This fair board has been to hell and back.”

He said that when the current officers came onto the authority in the mid 1990s, the board at that time “hadn’t made one payment on the loan” secured for the purchase of the grandstand and buildings on the fairgrounds.

“This board started with nothing, and then you began to see little things happening. This board works harder than any other board I have known. It is a very hands-on board,” he said. Speaking to the new members, he added, “I’m sure each of you have your own specialties.”

Dennison said the board has “done a lot of good work. A lot of good things have happened out here, with the water and sewer line coming in. Just to see the buildings that go up – every year it is something new. What has happened here has happened very nicely.

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“You have a good fair, with a ton of people coming out. It amazed me on the cowboy and rodeo night to see people all decked out in their outfits; that was pretty neat.

“It is important for the history to continue on,” Dennison said. “It is really important to mix the younger people in” with the older members “to carry it on into the future.”

He encouraged everyone to share their ideas. “I think it is nice to have someone thinking outside the box once in a while. I think everyone has good thoughts, and they are moving this fair authority forward. That’s why you were chosen; they knew you would do the same thing,” he said. “Everyone is trying to do the same thing out here, and that’s to have a good fair.”

Dennison also presided over the election of officers for 2020.

Unanimously re-elected were Wayne Jackson, president; Dave Love, vice president; Toni Facchine, treasurer; and Jim Grant, secretary.

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