BROOKVILLE — Brookville Volunteer Fire Co. responded to a fuel leak on Main Street last Friday.

A pick-up truck had pulled into a parking spot in the 100 block of Main Street with it’s gas tank leaking gasoline on the ground. Firefighters were able to contain the gas spill so that it did not reach the stormwater drain at the corner of Main and Pickering streets.

Jefferson County Emergency Services Director Tracy Zents, who was on scene as well, said that somewhere between 10 and 15 gallons of gasoline was spilled. Firefighters worked to contain the spill, spreading a sandy mixture on top of it to contain the gasoline odors. Zents said McCutcheon Enterprises, Inc. was called in to clean up the spill. It is a HAZMAT responder for seven counties in Western Pennsylvania.

The pick-up, which carried a New York license plate, had to be placed on a flatbed and removed from Main Street. Firefighters placed a strap around the truck to keep the gas tank in place as it was pushed into position on Main Street for it to be hooked and pulled onto the flatbed.

Brookville Borough Police kept traffic moving through a one-lane route on Main Street until the vehicle could be removed.

Borough crews also responded with sawhorses and yellow tape to section off several parking places until the hazmat team could arrive.

Police Chief Vince Markle said the driver of the pick-up had no registration, no vehicle insurance and was driving without a driver’s license. Officer Andrew Turnbull walked the driver across the street to District Judge Gregory Bazylak’s office as fellow officers openned up the eastbound lane to traffic.

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