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Voters had an opportunity to meet and talk with Republican candidates when the 25th Senatorial District Tour made a stop in Brookville Tuesday afternoon. Each of the candidates spoke briefly as a complimentary lunch was served. Among those participating in the program were (from left) U. S. Congressman Glenn “GT” Thompson, Stacy Garrity, candidate for state treasurer; Heather Heidelbaugh, candidate for attorney general; and Cris Dush, candidate for Senate in the 25th District.

DuBOIS — On Tuesday, U.S. Rep. Glenn “GT” Thompson joined several statewide Pennsylvania Senate and General Assembly candidates on a GOP four-county campaign tour which began at the DuBois Diner and was scheduled for nine stops over a two-day period.

Others participating in the Republican tour include Pennsylvania attorney general candidate Heather Heidelbaugh, Pennsylvania auditor general candidate Tim DeFoor and Pennsylvania treasurer candidate Stacy Garrity.

In addition to statewide candidates, the tour features Pennsylvania Senate candidates Cris Dush, 25th District, and Wayne Langerholc Jr., 35th District, and Pennsylvania General Assembly candidates seeking reelection, Rep. Martin Causer (67th), and Rep. Tommy Sankey (73rd). Additionally, open seat candidates for the Pennsylvania General Assembly Brian Smith (66th) and Mike Armanini (75th) are scheduled to be in attendance. State Rep. Matt Gabler, who is not seeking reelection, was also in attendance.

The campaign tour began with a stop in DuBois. Thompson then traveled to Jefferson County to attend a meet-and-greet at the GOP headquarters in Punxsutawney. There was another stop at Memorial Park in Brookville. The tour continued in Ridgway, with a scheduled stop at the Elk County Courthouse lawn, followed by a dinner at the Red Fern Inn in Kersey.

On Wednesday (today), the tour is set to continue in Emporium, Cameron County, with an 8 a.m. breakfast at the Emporium Fire Hall. The candidates will make their way to McKean County for a lunch at Evergreen Park in Kane, starting at noon.

Thompson’s final stop with the tour is scheduled to be in Bradford, McKean County, at the Bradford Callahan Park Pavilion from 5-8 p.m.

While at the diner, Dush told supporters that he is grateful for the partnership with the Thompson campaign on the tour.

“I want to stress this. Every one of us needs to make sure that every single person who can vote in rural Pennsylvania gets out to vote,” said Dush.

Dush said he, along with Sankey and Gabler, have approximately 64,000 constituents.

“Same thing goes for the ones down in Bucks and Montgomery and Chester County, Delaware County in Philadelphia,” said Dush. “They’re turning out 35,000 people to vote down there to our 20 in presidential elections. In 2016, we bumped from 20,000 to 25,000 and President Trump won by 44,000. Now, just Causer’s, (state) Rep. Kathy Rapp’s and mine, that’s 18,000 of those votes out of 44,000. If rural Pennsylvania shows up, all rural Pennsylvania shows up at about 35,000, there’s a half million votes there that Philadelphia can’t cheat enough to overcome. We outnumber them and with all the garbage that’s going on in our cities, we need to show up and we need to vote. Nobody in rural Pennsylvania sits on the sidelines this year.”

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Democratic incumbent Attorney General Josh Shapiro is not running for attorney general so much as he’s running for governor, said Dush, noting “we’ve got a great opportunity here” with Shapiro’s challenger Heidelbaugh.

“He’s (Shapiro) already started the campaign,” said Dush. “Believe it or not, for some reason, his office now apparently has a graphics designer that they hired. I don’t know why an attorney general’s office needs that, but it’s my understanding they now have one. You’re hiring a bunch of new attorneys straight out of college and pushing the experienced people out. I’m getting a lot of information lately from people who used to be in the AG’s office who are very frustrated with what’s going on down there.”

Dush also noted that Shapiro wants to get rid of the Amish’s ability to buy firearms because there’s no photo ID.

“I’ve had over a hundred Amish signing up and now they’re bringing their women folk in to register,” said Dush. “He (Shapiro) really wants to restrict our access to firearms. Instead of doing the things that the attorney general should be doing, he’s focusing on political stuff, policy. That’s not the attorney general’s domain. All three of these row officers are very key.”

Thompson, also at the diner, said both Pennsylvania and the nation need to heal.

“It needs to be a physical healing, but it needs to be an economic healing,” said Thompson. “And I think somewhat, it needs to be a psychological and a spiritual healing, as well, given everything that we’ve been through. And we need the right people to do that, and I’ll be honest with you, I think the right people are in this room this morning.”

Thompson was wearing a T-shirt that said, “Save Our Farm Show, vote Republican.”

“We have a governor who, in the month of August no less, announced that he was going to cancel the Farm Show in January,” said Thompson. “I’m sorry, I thought you said January was starting to see team sports again? And yet, it just shows you how he feels about rural Pennsylvania.”

The T-shirts are being sold for $15 each and Thompson said every penny of that money will be donated to the Farm Show Scholarship Fund.

“Because without the Farm Show, there’s going to be a lot of kids that would be missing out on a tremendous opportunity, the scholarships that are given out to kids,” said Thompson.

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