HAWTHORN - The Hawthorn Fire Company will be hosting a benefit turkey dinner for Janet and Heidi Bish of Hawthorn on Sunday, September 25th at the Hawthorn Fire Hall.

Janet Bish was diagnosed with acute myeloid leukemia in Jan. 2016. After a 42-day hospital stay, several shorter stays and rounds of chemotherapy, she received a bone marrow transplant in May.

In July however the leukemia returned and again she is now facing multiple rounds of chemotherapy to fight it.

Janet resides in Hawthorn and was a Clarion Jefferson Head Start bus driver for 28 years.

Heidi Bish was diagnosed with HER2 positive breast cancer in 2013 and underwent a lumpectomy and many rounds of radiation through 2014.

In 2015 the cancer returned and she has since undergone surgery, chemotherapy and is making weekly trips to Magee Hospital in Pittsburgh for advanced treatments. Heidi lives in Hawthorn and works as a dental technician for Dr. Steven Jaworski in New Bethlehem.

Admission begins at noon and Adults are $9.00 with take-out dinners available at $9.50. Children age 5 – 12 are $4.00 and Children under 5 are free. For more information or to make a donation, please contact Les Aaron at (814) 365-5029, or Ron Cyphert at (814) 365-5201

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