BROOKVILLE — The Brookville Municipal Authority will begin its fall flushing of water hydrants starting Wednesday, September 23. The purpose of the line flushing is to remove any sediment in the lines and to check for the proper operation of fire hydrants.

Some areas may be interconnected and as one area is flushed, it may create a problem with low water pressure in another area. Rusty or cloudy water may also be temporarily present.

Flushing will begin at 8:30 a.m. and will conclude by 4 p.m. If any problem persists with water quality of pressure, call the authority office at 849-5320.

Following is the proposed schedule:

  • Wednesday, September 23 — Walnut Street, Oak Street, Church Street, North Barnett Street, North Pickering Street, Sayer Street, Jefferson Street, Elm Drive and Marlin Street.
  • Thursday, September 24 — Craig Street, Pine Street, Valley Street, West Main Street, South Main Street, Thompson Street and Madison Avenue from White to South Main.
  • Friday, September 25 — Main Street, Madison Avenue, from White to Franklin; Race Street, Mabon Street, Catholic Hill, South White Street and Maple Street.
  • Monday, September 28 — Richards Street, Pennsylvania Avenue, Northview Drive, Short Street, Clark Street and Brush Street.
  • Tuesday, September 29 — Hastings Street, Hiawatha Street, Federal Street, Rebecca Street, East Main Street, Central Avenue Extension and Middle Street.
  • Wednesday, September 30 — Euclid Avenue, Western Avenue, Central Avenue, Long Avenue, Sixth Street, Taylor Street and Belgiumtown.
  • Monday, October 5 and Tuesday, October 6 — Miscellaneous spot flushing from Brookville to Corsica, including downtown Corsica, Alaska, Terri Glenn, Jenks Street, Stone Road, Hughey Road and Route 322, Brookville to Pinecreek School.

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