COOLSPRING — During a lengthy meeting with a great deal of discussion about factors affecting the Jefferson County Sewage Association (JCSA), the membership in attendance reluctantly, and solemnly, voted to cease operations and dissolve the organization by the end of January.

The difficult decision was prompted by a combination of issues including personnel, financial, willingness to serve as officers and other matters, many of which were driven by personal commitments.

Having just completed their 20th year of cooperative operation, the most immediate concern was the lack of any individual willing to take the governing offices.

The outgoing officers, President Mark McManigle, Rose Township; Vice-President Larry Bowers, Gaskill Township; Secretary Cheri Rowles, Bell Township; and Treasurer LeeAnn Hinderliter, Oliver Township have all taken on personal or official endeavours that were not compatible with still serving in the same capacities, respectively.

Prior to the session held in the Oliver Township Community Center in Coolspring, there had been two general meetings and three meetings of the executive committee to explore all available options to continue the JCSA.

Throughout its existence, the JCSA has had the full support of the Jefferson County Conservation District (JCCD), which is undergoing some planned personnel transitions.

JCCD’s 30-year veteran employee and district manager, Deb Wilson, is stepping back from full-time duties as Shaun Wessell takes over her many responsibilities.

Wilson has also served as the office manager for the Sewage Association and the Greater Jefferson Area Council of Governments, which all shared office space and other support features.

Phasing out the JCSA means a change for long-time Sewage Enforcement Officer Dave Tinker and the alternate SEO Tom Tinker, Dave’s brother.

Dave Tinker is in the process of taking care of many matters involving the closing of the JCSA as he will no longer be employed by the organization.

However, at the meeting, the majority of those in attendance expressed their willingness for him to continue as their primary SEO, and Tom Tinker to be the alternate for the respective municipalities, both by direct contract.

To that end, the JCSA members in attendance voted to give Dave Tinker the office supplies, equipment, file cabinets and related materials.

He has contacted the individual municipalities directly because selection of an SEO requires formal action at a public meeting.

Also aiding in the closure of the JCSA, the members present agreed to pay Wilson a stipend to handle the paperwork involved in the process, including arranging for a final audit.

Dave Tinker will complete all permit applications initiated through the JCSA.

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