BROOKVILLE — The Brookville Municipal Authority will complete its spring flushing of fire hydrants next week.

The purpose of the line flushing is to remove any sediment in the lines and to check for the proper operation of fire hydrants.

Some areas may be interconnected and as one area is flushed, it may create a problem with low water pressure in another area. Rusty water may also be temporarily present.

“We will finish what we didn’t complete,” water commissioner Clyde Bullers said. “Customers who have given their phone numbers will receive a call the night before” their area is flushed.

Flushing will begin at 8:30 a.m. and will conclude by 4 p.m. If any problem persists with water quality or pressure, call the authority office at 849-5320.

As a result of equipment change the following streets had to be rescheduled:

Monday, June 10: Craig, Pine, Valley, W. Main, S. Main, and Thompson streets, and Madison Avenue from White to S. Main.

Tuesday, June 11: Main Street, Madison Avenue from White to Franklin, Race Street, Mabon Street, Catholic Hill, S. White Street and Maple Street.

Wednesday, June 12: Richards Street, Pennsylvania Avenue, Northview Drive, and Short, Clark and Brush streets.

Thursday, June 13: Hastings, Hiawatha, Federal, Rebecca and East Main streets, Central Avenue Extension and Middle Street.

Friday, June 14: Euclid, Western, Central and Long avenues, Sixth Street, Taylor Street and Belgiumtown.

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