Stahlman works on new exhibit

Last year Victor Stahlman, a Clarion University student who was interning at the Jefferson County History Center, helped to set up one of the new 2020 exhibits at the center. That exhibit, “First People: Native American Lifeways” opened during the 2020 Bowdish Birthday Bash.

BROOKVILLE — This is the time of year when the Bowdish crew dons their railroad maintenance hats and go to the Jefferson County History Center’s Bowdish miniature town, refurbishing the trains, replacing and rewiring miniature animated folks, with a change-out of miniature buildings, all to get the layout ready for the New Year.

“This is all thanks to the crew of Art and Jo Schrecongost, Vickie Storey, Bill McCracken, Pete Lindemuth, Dave Gilbert, Jon Noonan, and the late Harry Neuhard. Because of their dedication, we are able to present the Bowdish Birthday Bash and shows over the years,” Kat Lyons said.

“We are reopening for the first time this year for our annual Bowdish Birthday Bash, always held on the last Saturday on February to coincide with Charlie Bowdish’s birthday and also the opening of our new and reinvented exhibits.

“This year we present the new Pittsburg & Shawmut Steam to Diesel RR, The Parlor’s “New Panache,” Log Cabin Fever, You Are Here! Maps and the Age of Discovery, and First People: Native American Artifacts and Lifestyles,” she said.

The trains will start chugging and running at noon, with the Birthday Bash to be held from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m.

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