Broovkille Borough gained three new part-time police officers Tuesday night.

Police Chief Vince Markle introduced them at the Borough Council meeting before they were sworn in by Mayor Dick Beck. The three include Bruce Cramer, who has 20 years of experience in law enforcement; Daniel Clark, who is a newer officer with a couple years of experience; and Evan Maxwell, who is a full-time Clarion Borough police officer with a few years of experience.

Council later voted unanimously to hire the three officers.

But the good news didn’t end there for the police department.

Tammy Miller and her daughter Abby Tosh hosted a Ladies Night Out at the Heritage House on Saturday. Drawing 250 people to the event, the two women were able to raise a little more than $2,400. They held the fundraiser to benefit both the borough police department and the Brookville Volunteer Fire Company. They gave each department $1,207.83.

Miller, the wife of fire chief Dave Miller, said that while it was her daughter and her organizing the event, they had a lot of people step in to help the day before and the day of the event. We had firemen come and move tables; they helped us clean up. Officer Markle stopped down when we needed pens. “We couldn’t have done it without the people that helped us that day. We had friends and family down there.”

Councilwoman Karen Allgeier, who attended the event, said, “It was a wonderful event. It was just very well done by Tammy and Abby. They went above and beyond.”

Miller said her goal had been to raise $1,000 each. “We had a lot of community support – the people of Brookville came,” Miller said, adding that they wouldn’t have been successful without them.

Beck and Markle then presented Tammy and Abby with plaques that read “Thank you for your extraordinary community efforts in supporting the Brookville Police Department.”

The good news continued as Markle also informed council that he had written a letter to the Brookville Eagles asking for a donation toward the equipment in the new car. The result of that letter was that earlier Tuesday afternoon he received a $10,000 check.

He handed both checks over to borough manager Dana Schreckengost to be put in the police car fund.

In regards to the police car, Markle reported that he has met with several dealerships about a new police vehicle – a 2018 police interceptor sport utility – is coming in at a cost of about $28,633 for the base model.

The next bid was $30,000 and a third dealer could not get a vehicle in until the fall.

The borough was going through Tri-Star, which gives municipalities a discount on purchasing. Clarion Ford was $35,038 and Murray Ford wasn’t able to provide one until fall.

Markle then gave the breakdown of the car costs, including cameras and computer equipment to Allgeier, who chairs the finance committee. The committee will have to review the costs before council can take any action on a police car.

Police report

Markle gave the folloiwng numbers in his police report:

  • 74 calls for service
  • 19 violations – traffic
  • 11 warnings
  • 156 parking tickets
  • seven misdemeanor charges
  • six summary charges.

Markle then turned it over to the Beck about negative calls about traffic in the borough.

“I’ve been getting several calls about speeding in the borough,” Beck said, “especially out on the boulevard again.”

Beck noted that at one time the police were out there a lot but in recent years not at all. “We’re going to try to do a little bit out there, and around town and elsewhere,” Beck noted. “We’re not going to sit out there for hours on end but we are going to sit out there and stop the vehicles now and then; write one or two; we’re not going to sit out there and write a dozen.” He added that it would be off and on so that nobody knows when in order to slow traffic down.

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