BROOKVILLE — The Brookville Borough Council Finance Committee has provided a copy of the 2020 proposed budget to council members for review as of Tuesday night’s meeting.

Council member Karen Allgeier, who chairs the finance committee, noted that the budget is balanced.

The only mention of an increase in millage was for the Fire Fund. Allgeier said the Brookville Volunteer Fire Co. is requesting an increase of 0.3 mills in order to save up for a new truck. The increase will bring the Fire Fund tax up to 1.5 mills from its current 1.2 mills.

Council member Bill Kutz asked what the average household would pay with the requested increase.

Borough Manager Dana Schreckengost said it depends on whether residents pay their taxes at the discount value, the face value, or the penalty value. If they pay at the discount or face value, the 0.3 mills would bring in anywhere from $35,000 to $50,000. She noted that the average household would likely see a $5 increase in their taxes.

In talking about the General Fund, Allgeier said a new item that wasn’t part of the budget last year is project design for the Rosesiding Road Bridge.

Allgeier also said, “The debt interest will be paid off in 2020 on the equipment that we borrowed money for.” She added that the budget is balanced.

There is no proposed tax increase in the street/lighting fund and that the library fund remained the same as last year since the library did not request any additional funding.

Council President Phil Hynes said at the next council meeting (Nov. 5) the budget should be put on display for the public and then a final vote will be taken before the end of the year.

Act 98 Fund

The council has received $7,000 in Act 98 funds. “Act 98 is the insurance fund where the insurance company gives us money to hold until improvements to the property that has been damaged start coming to light. There was a recent fire over on Hiawatha Street. I don’t the exact address. It happens to be a Paul Gray property.”

There are ordinances in place that tell the borough how to handle Act 98 funding. Schreckengost said the money has to be in a separate fund so she has created a Act 98 PLGIT Fund. The funds will sit in this account until the property owner has made enough improvements to the property that he can withdraw those funds from the borough.

Police Pension

Council approved a resolution that will reduce the police officers’ contribution to the police pension fund for 2020 to 1.03 percent. Schreckengost noted that the pension fund is fully funded currently and the actuary makes the recommendation to the borough to put the lower limit on the police contributions.

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Special permit

Council approved a special permit for PATHS to hold the annual pumpkin roll on Sunday, November 3, on North Pickering Street on the contingent that it

Repository Sale

Council approved a repository sale certificate in Crestwood Circle, Lot 49, for a $50 bid for the trailer there. Council does not own the property but it, the county commissioners and the Brookville Area School District must approve the bid.

Trash bags

Council will once again be providing free trash bags for residents to use in cleaning up their properties. Council member Rich Baughman said council will be handing out 1,000 bags with ties on Saturday, October 26, at the Town Square. Free trash pickup of these bags will be done by Advance Disposal and Wolff Refuse Service. The bags will be available to be picked up from 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. or until all the bags are gone.


The council will meet next at 7 p.m. Tuesday, Nov. 5, at the Borough Complex.

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