BROOKVILLE — The first annual Brookville Raider Showcase was held last week in the high school auditorium, while more than a dozen of the school’s clubs presented information about their activities at an academic fair in the auditorium lobby.

The two-evening event was hosted by the high school Drama Club. Included on the talent show program were 16 acts, featuring students in grades K-12 and several teachers.

Serving as emcees were Ellie Wingard and Julie MacWilliams.

Wingard opened the program singing “The Star-Spangled Banner,” followed by the Chamber Singers presenting Brookville’s “Alma Mater.”

Musical presentations included “Too Good at Goodbyes” by Angel Johnson,”The Bones” by Elizabeth Shaffer, “No Time To Die” by Harley Geer, “I’ll Follow You into the Dark” by Jonas Parson, “Beauty and the Beast” violin solo by Really Kalgren, “Cups” by Marie McManigle and “Someone You Love” by Joseph Deibler and Alex Esposito.

Kayla McHenry sang “Colors of the Wind,” dedicating the song to her little sister, Ella, whose favorite Disney princess is Pocahontas.

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Teacher Andilynne Kalkbrenner also sang about a Disney princess, Ariel, in her rendition of “Part of Your World.”

Receiving a standing ovation from the students in the audience were three high school teachers who formed a musical group known as The Moops. Performing “Love Her Madly” were Eli Thompson, Ron Ramolt and Conor Omecinski.

Stand-up comedians entertaining the audience were Sami Himes, “Comedy: An Underrated Art Form,” and Cassie Bailey: “Comedy: Five Minutes of Fame.”

Drama Club members presented two plays written by Lindsay Price: “The Big Lie,” featuring Ezra Parson and Ebony Young; and “Pretty Girl, Plain Girl,” featuring Kayleigh Rhodes and Brianna Barnett.

The academic fair included a variety of presentations giving information about various clubs in the high school. Members of the Drama Club sold Candygrams, offering visitors a chance to give a message with a bag of candies to someone special. The Junior High History Club challenged the knowledge of visitors with history trivia questions and the Friends of Rachel sold bracelets. Visitors had an opportunity to see how some of the robots made by the Robotics Club operate. The Class of 2020 invited visitors to write a message to a member of the senior class. The messages will be presented to the seniors at graduation.

Proceeds from the Raider Showcase will benefit the Raider Scholastic Foundation.

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