BROOKVILLE — About a dozen concerned citizens gathered Saturday morning in front of the Brookville Post Office to show support for the continued services provided by the post office and to peacefully protest cuts being made.

The rally was sponsored by Indivisible We Rise –West Central. Spokesman Amy Krumich said the rally was held because “our post offices provide such a vital service in small towns and rural areas. We’re concerned about the cuts to the post office budget during this covid time, when so many seniors are stuck at home and their meds are arriving late. Veterans and others get their checks in the mail and they are arriving late.”

Concerns stem from recent decisions regarding postal services made since Louis DeJoy became Postmaster General in June. Among the changes announced was a ban on overtime, extra delivery trips and the removal of high-speed mail sorting machines.

“We just don’t understand why it makes sense to stop having fast-sorting machines,” Krumich said. “We know the volume is down, but during this particular time it just doesn’t make any sense. And now with mail-in voting being a real safety measure in the COVID time, it just seems like we should have waited and done this after the election.”

Krumich said there wasn’t much “conversation about the cuts that were being made. We didn’t read about it. We didn’t have hearings about it. It should have gone through the democratic process like it has in the past.”

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“If they do make cuts in the postal service, we are afraid that rural areas are where the cuts are going to happen, because there’s not much money in rural delivery,” she said. “That’s why it got started in the first place, to connect every body. People in the country don’t have broadband and if they don’t have mail either, it will be a real shame.”

She said the rallies are being held at area post offices because “our local postal workers are the ones that are being affected the most. We know they’ve got a lot of work to do with a lot of strange things going on and a lot of pressure. We want them to know that we really appreciate the work they do, especially in rural areas.

“The postal workers in Brookville were excited that we were there to support them. Several came outside and waved to us in appreciation. We delivered a thank-you card signed by both attendees and passers-by, to show our appreciation for the efforts of our postal workers during this difficult time in our nation’s history. We hope they could hear the many honks of support from the drivers of cars, tucks and motorcycles that passed by, and wish they could have seen all the drivers who gave us a thumbs up. Brookville clearly appreciates their post workers.”

Krumich said Indivisible We Rise will continue to hold the rallies “because it is important to make sure people are aware. The threat to turn this agency into a private business would impact seniors and veterans who receive medications and checks by mail, as well as the many others for whom the postal service is a lifeline. We want restoration of the services and equipment that Postmaster DeJoy has removed, and an investigation into the waste involved in discarding expensive mail sorting machines.

Postal workers were not available for comment.

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