BROOKVILLE — Senior Taylor Reitz was welcomed Monday night as this year’s student representative to the Brookville Area School Board.

Reitz has served as secretary of her class since seventh grade and also has been a member of the volleyball team since seventh grade. She helped bring the DECA program back to the high school, and qualified for the state competition after taking first place in the entrepreneurship category at the regional level. She is also a member of the Youth and Government Club at the high school. As a sophomore she went to the model convention and had her bill passed. Active in a variety of clubs at the high school, she has held offices in many of them.

Reitz will also be the student representative to Brookville Borough Council.

School board vice-president Fred Park welcomed her to the board, saying, “It has always been a pleasure and a blessing to have our students participate in our board meetings. It is one way we can keep our relationship between the student body and the board.”

In her first report to the board Reitz said, “Although there have been challenges with the new restrictions, the students are really embracing what has happened and making the best of what we can. Students are still getting adjusted to the new circumstances, but all the teachers have been very helpful. All the students at Brookville are looking forward to what will definitely be a memorable school year.”

She also reported on fall sports events, including a Serve-a-thon the volleyball team is holding to help both the team and Lakin Smith, a senior volleyball player at DuBois High School who was recently diagnosed with stage two Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma.

VisitorsKaren Allgeier addressed the board on several issues.

She asked the board to consider placing a ceiling on how much money a person can earn before being assessed the occupation tax. Later in the meeting members of the board who were on the board when the tax was reinstated four years ago reminded everyone that it is an occupation tax assessed to all employed persons, and is not based on the amount of money a person earns during the year. Board members agreed that it needs to be looked at and possibly refined.

Representing the Pennsylvania State Association of Boroughs as a past president, she presented videos entitled “Understanding Pennsylvania Boroughs and How It Works.” She asked that the DVDs be given to social studies teachers so the children can learn “how we work in the borough, what our job is, how we perform that job, what restrictions we have.” The board thanked her for the gift to the school.

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Allgeier also told the board that someone will be contacting school administrators for input into the borough’s strategic plan which is now being developed. “That plan provides for what direction and what things we need within the borough,” she said.


  • The board accepted the resignation Anna Osiol, high school choral director, who has accepted other employment. Hired to fill the vacancy was Megan Shaw at a salary of $44,438.
  • Resignations were also accepted from Jada Palmer and Melissa Emerick, child specific aides; Michelle Molnar and Jennifer Shick, food service workers; and Emily Kuntz, Northside Title I aide.
  • Added to the list of day-to-day substitutes were T. Jordan Haugh of Summerville, health and physical ed; Richelle Greeley of Brockway, special education; Zoe Girty of Brookville, emergency certification; and Shawn Watson of Brookville and Becky Fiscus of Brookville, custodian.
  • Milton Ragsdale was moved from part-time to full-time custodian to fill the vacancy created by the resignation of Loreli Greeley.
  • Two employees were approved for FMLA leave.
  • Debra L. Clinger was added to the list of approved bus drivers, for Rossey Busing. Kelley L. Depp was added for Yale Transportation.

Supplemental contracts

  • Junior high soccer — Jeff McMaster, head coach; Tiffany Cieleski, assistant coach.
  • Elementary basketball — Matt Reitz, Brad Butcher, Matt Shaffer, Dan Park, Holly May, Jeff McMaster, Sam Whitling and Matt Lewis, volunteers.
  • Boys basketball — Dalton Park, head coach; Brad Baughman, first assistant; Jim McCracken and Rich Rhoades, assistants; Don Gill, Ben Pete, Chance Wright and Mark Manfroni, volunteers.
  • Mentors — Leslie Taylor for Jill Siege.
  • Advisors — Ecology Club, Cheri Keys; National Honor Society, Michelle Adams; Class of 2025, Michelle Hopper and Ashley Snyder.
  • Child(ren) specific aides — Sheila DeMotte, Michele Gotwald and Pam Prinkey, $268.75/first semester; Gayle Kulik, Jen Ross andCarolee Crate, $537.50/first semester.

Gifts and donations

In addition to the DVDs presented by Karen Allegeier, the board accepted these gifts:

  • A donation of three fish tanks for the science department at Hickory Grove by John Pizza.
  • A donation of 140 handmade masks by the Daughter of the American Revolution, Punxsutawney chapters and their president, Darlene Hanley.
  • A donation of 500 face masks by the National School Boards Association and the Serena Williams “Masks for Kids Program.”
  • A donation of plexiglass sneeze guards and divider shields by Cresco Yeltrah Brookville the amount of approximately $882.
  • A COVID-19 School Health & Safety Grant in the amount of $179,593; The Equity Grant for Special Education COVID-19 mitigation in the amount of $12,963.79.
  • The 2020 Continuity of Education Equity Grant in the amount of $63,050 to aid all students who are currently limited in their ability to participate in the district’s continuity of education.

The next meeting of the Brookville Area School Board will be its works session at 6 p.m. Monday, October 12, in the gym at Hickory Grove.

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