BROOKVILLE — The grand opening of Second Strike Lanes in Brookville has officially marked the start of the new ownership and era for the bowling alley.

Chris and Tracy Morris welcomed much of the community into the business on Saturday to see all the changes they’ve been busy with.

The Morries started talking about possibly buying the bowling alley almost a year ago. When they first started considering buying, it was more of a dream to them than something serious. The more they talked about it though, the more serious they became.

The new name, Second Strike Lanes, is both a call to their DJ service, Second Strike DJ, and also works as a bowling reference for getting strikes. They can be found on Facebook under both names.

The bowling alley has been a fixture in Brookville since 1962, and has almost had to close several times throughout its many years. It’s been with the dedication of those who truly enjoy the sport that the bowling alley and culture have stayed alive. The Morrises have taken on the challenge, and brought with them another wave of spirit to the bowling alley.

“The ultimate goal is to bring new machines and scoring to the house... The setters in the back were made in 1957... They’re 62 years old, they’ve had hundreds of thousands of games thrown on them,” Chris Morris said of the machines.

He said though it’s hard to find the parts for machines as old as these, he is willing to buy the parts to keep the machines going. He hopes to be able to change the machines as soon as possible. The problem is all the machines will have to be changed at one time, which will be costly.

“Every year we’re going to look to try to do something different. It’s the evolution of the bowling alley,” Chris Morris said.

Not everything will be as grand as getting all new machines, but the new machines are a main concern right now. Morris has managed to get some of the major problems the current machines had fixed with the help of some of the bowlers who are familiar with the machines. It’s help like this that has encouraged the Morrises, and made them feel like they made the right decision.

“I enjoy bowling a lot... and I have a love for entertaining people... owning a bowling alley gives me my own place where I can just be an entertaining guy. I’m still going to be a mobile DJ, but it gives me a place I can come and play and enjoy the atmosphere,” Morris said.

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He’s been DJing the Rock n’ Bowl nights at the bowling alley for about eight years. Morris says he likes the atmosphere of the those nights, and the atmosphere he believes it could have. He’s also been drawn in by the culture of bowling, and the connections he’s made over the 20 years he’s been bowling.

Many of those who helped with the improvements over the summer are regular bowlers themselves, and put in the work out of a love for the lanes. Morris said it was a humbling experience to see how many people were willing to use their free time to help at the lanes.

“We want to promote the youth bowling, and from what I’m told this is one of the best places in the state for youth bowling,”

He knows that having children come up through the youth program, and then join an adult league feeds into the culture. It’s how the dedication and lasting relationships happen.

The Morrises said they want to make the bowling alley a fun place for families to come where they won’t have to spend an arm and a leg. They look forward to the rest of this year as they begin their time as the new owners of Second Strike Lanes.

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