PUNXSUTAWNWEY — A Punxsutawney “she boss” is sharing her struggles and successes with the world, hoping to help to empower females everywhere.

“Secrets of a She Boss” — a book featuring the stories of several women entrepreneurs — was published on Nov. 11. Punxsutawney woman Bobbie States, a seller of Younique makeup products, is one of the 15 authors.

The book opportunity came about since one of her Younique followers, Andrea Williams, is an author, and approached her with the idea, States said.

Each woman had the chance to tell their story in their own book chapter, and each has the opportunity to distribute the book with their own book cover, States said.

“The 15 authors share things they’ve done to grow their career, the fears they faced and the struggles that they experienced along the way,” the online book description says. “The goal of this book is to inspire as many women to step into their true identity as a boss so that women everywhere can live their dream life.”

Years ago, States’ life wasn’t anything like it is now.

Her chapter is extremely personal, discussing past traumatic experiences of abuse that still haunt her today. She is nervous, she says, but “ready” to share it with the world. She has also undergone gastric bypass surgery, losing 80 pounds.

“This book is about all of the struggles these women have gone through to get to where they are,” she said. “I wanted to get involved with this book to empower women.

“We teach them not to hate or judge or compete, but to link arms.”

The chapters also contain tips and tricks on networking and marketing, advice varying from women in any type of leadership role to managers or CEOs. A few authors work in retail, at a daycare or are a social media manager, States says.

Selling makeup and running a business has greatly boosted her confidence, States said. She stands stronger where she is in life now, wanting to share that boost with thousands of group followers, and now, book readers.

States remembers writing poems growing up, she said. Writing has become a therapeutic outlet for her — a way to work through her past and appreciate who she is now.

“Writing this helped me cope with things,” she said. “If I can help one person feel like they aren’t alone and that there’s hope, that’s what I want to do. You are not who your past is.”

This most likely won’t be the end of her writing career, States hopes. Her 16-year-old son has autism, which she would like to write about one day, collaborating with other mothers and discussing the trials and tribulations of the disorder.

States will be heading off for the international “Bosses and Brunch Tour,” starting in Pittsburgh Dec. 8, she said. Authors will visit 20 cities across the U.S., Canada and Aruba in 2019.

A book signing for “Secrets of a She Boss” will be held at Punxsutawney Memorial Library from 1-3 p.m. on Saturday, Dec. 15.

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