SUMMERVILLE — The Summerville Community celebrated Labor Day with fun and games at the annual Labor Day festival in the Fireman’s Park

This year’s parade theme was “The ‘80s,” years of big hair and fun times. Many of the floats in the parade took the theme to heart, with bright colors and sights straight from the ‘80s. There were short shorts and high socks worn by some walking or riding in the parade.

The parade itself began at 10:30 a.m. and moved down Water Street, across the bridge, and finally down Penn Street to the Fireman’s Park in Summerville. The Firemen’s Park was the site of all the games held through the rest of the day.

Floats featured bright neon colors and outfits made for an ‘80s party. Even an 8-bit style Mario appeared on the front of one of the side-by-sides in the parade.

Teams signed up for the dodgeball tournament, a new attraction at this year’s celebration. Friends and relatives faced off against one another, with the title of champion on their minds.

Small carnival games and a large bounce house were also set up in the park to give children something fun to do with the day.

The Chinese auction was drawn at 3 p.m. giving people a chance to stop by and hope for the prize of their choice while children enjoyed the fun.

The Car Cruise In filled the field of the park with cars from all years. Rows of cars sat waiting for the sun to come out for the day and show how they could shine.

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