SUMMERVILLE — The Summerville Volunteer Firemen’s Association is welcoming residents in its service area to come for a free community meal on Sunday.

“All these people are being laid off and not getting their unemployment,” said Linda Snyder, fire department secretary. “I just wanted to reach out to the community; I just want to let them know we’re here regardless of whether we can fund raise for ourselves.”

The fire department will be giving out meals of chicken and biscuits, mashed potatoes, coleslaw and a cookie. Meals will be available from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. or until meals are gone Sunday. The meals will be served drive through style at the fire department. They will be serving for the number of people in a vehicle.

She and her whole family are members of the Summerville fire department. She’s lived in the Brookville area her whole life, and she and her husband have lived in Summerville for 26 years. Snyder’s goal is to show the community the department is still there to take care of them even through this difficult time.

The meal is not only for residents in the Summerville Borough either, but for residents of Beaver and Clover townships too.

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Snyder is planning 500 meals for the day. She said that sounds like a lot, but when you start figuring families, it feeds 125 families of four people.

“If I could feed everybody in the Summerville area I would love to, but I can’t yet,” Snyder said.

She has found a lot of sponsors for the meal to be able to make it free. The department will also be encouraging donations from those who feel they can afford it. Snyder is hoping to get enough donations to be able to do another meal next month. The sponsors of this first dinner are:

  • Summerville Borough
  • the Summerville Story Project
  • the Summerville Presbyterian Church
  • Furlong Funeral Home
  • Plyler’s Family Restaurant
  • PayBro Holdings
  • Tom’s Meats
  • Cris Dush for State Senator
  • Williams & Sons
  • the Summerville Volunteer Firemen’s Association

If anyone else would like to reach out to help sponsor this or future meals, they may contact Linda Snyder at 856-2989 or 591-2442.

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