Viking Tree

Pictured is the “Viking Tree” at Jeff Tech, which represents students in the school’s backpack program.

REYNOLDSVILLE — A team effort by the staff and teachers of Jeff Tech (Jefferson County Vocational Technical School) is offering everyone the opportunity to be a part of the Christmas spirit, with a little school spirit, too.

The “Viking Tree” is a new addition to the school this year, said Principal Melissa Mowrey. Each viking, which is the school’s mascot, on the Christmas tree represents a student in the school’s backpack program.

The school counselor, Jessica Schwabenbauer, was the one who created the tree, Mowrey said, while in-house printing specialist Drew Gilhousen designed the tags. Students in the Building Trades program built the tree itself.

“We have contacted our backpack families and asked if they could use assistance at Christmastime, in the form of a gift, for any school-age child in their household,” she said. “Any family that is a part of our backpack program has the opportunity to sign each school age student in their household up for this program.”

JT teachers and staff members have the opportunity to take a “tag” off of the tree, purchasing the gift on it, Mowrey said. Each student on the tree will receive a clothing item, as well as an “enjoyable” item, too.

“I am lucky to have a very giving staff who are willing to provide these opportunities for our students,” Mowrey said. “It’s just one more way that we can give back to our students.”

The deadline for the Viking Tree contributions is Dec. 14.

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