BROOKVILLE — A celebration was held Tuesday afternoon in Brookville as WRC marked its 130th birthday.

On January 14, 1890, WRC was formed. “WRC stands for Women’s Relief Corps. So that means a group of women, powerful, strong, women with vision to encourage, created a vision to take care of Civil War veterans, orphans, widowers, and everybody related to the Civil War,” WRC Senior Services CEO and President Barbara Sepich said.

“Today we carry on that tradition, taking care of elders within the seven-county area that we serve, and we are more than grateful every single day to do that. We serve over 805 people a day. We’re growing all the time we have the full continuum of care. We today are committed to have that same strength, courage and vision to take WRC another 130 years, and that’s our goal. So 130 years from now, we’re having another party,” she said at the celebration held at the Brookville Food Pantry.

WRC had held a company-wide food drive and donated the food Tuesday. “We wanted to give back to another nonprofit in the community,” Catie Clark-Gordon, director of Strategic Communication, said in an email.

The many areas of service provided by WRC were represented at the birthday bash.

“We have our business office, we have our skilled nursing, we have our independent living, we have our affordable housing, we have our home care, we have our home health, we have our hospice, and we have our personal care here,” Sepich said, adding that WRC has more than 425 employees in the WRC cContinuum. “We have a great group of people.”

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Mark Adams, representing state Sen. Joe Scarnati, presented the first of several proclamations to WRC. The proclamation, which he read, gave a little more of the history by noting, “During an annual meeting in 1889, former nurse Kate Scott proposed the established home in Brookville, which became the first WRC service community in 1890. And it offered residential senior living, continued care retirement communities personal home health, and hospice care, memory support short term, rebuild rehabilitation and the highest quality of services throughout its history.”

Zach Ankeny, district office manager to state Rep. Cris Dush, brought greetings from Dush, a Brookville resident, and also presented a certificate sent by Dush that said, “Congratulations on achieving 130 years of service. I pray that WRC Senior Services has many more years ahead of providing outstanding service to which the people of the 66th Legislative District have come to love appreciate. So congratulations.”

On a personal note, Ankeny said, “There’s a lot of things that you do and a lot of the things and services that is provided to people from around the district that goes maybe unrecognized or maybe not as appreciated. My mom works, or has worked in hospice, and that is a very delicate situation, whether young or old. So really deep sincere thank you to you, and congratulations on your success and to the staff, who we know is the backbone to any kind of service and providing to their patients and their customers or consumers.”

Also attending was Brad Moore, bring congratulations from U.S. Rep. Glenn “GT” Thompson, and all three of the Jefferson County Commissioners, Jack Matson, Jeff Pisarcik and Herb Bullers.

Following the singing of Happy Birthday, Jean Park and Joann Miller cut the birthday cake.

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