FALLS CREEK — Wreaths Across America is coming to the Beechwoods Cemetery for the fifth year this December.

The Wreaths Across America ceremony will take place Saturday, Dec. 14, at noon. The ceremony will take place across the country at the same time the ceremony will be taking place in the Arlington National Cemetery in Virginia. The Beechwoods Cemetery is located at 252 Cemetery Road in Falls Creek.

The goal of Wreaths Across America each year is to remember, honor and teach through the ceremony held at nearly 2,000 participating locations across the country. The ceremony at the Beechwoods Cemetery is organized by Marilyn and Jack Tully, of Brockway.

The Tullys’ son, Sgt. 1st Class Michael Tully, is buried in the Beechwoods Cemetery. He was killed in action in 2007 while serving in Iraq.

The Tullys make sure they have enough wreaths for every veteran’s grave in the cemetery because they don’t want to have to pick and choose which graves get a wreath. There are about 515 veterans’ graves in the cemetery.

“That’s why we fundraise so much,” Marilyn Tully said. “We’ve been very fortunate that people have been so willing to support this effort.”

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There will be short but meaningful ceremony held before everyone will be sent out with a few wreaths to place on graves. If people don’t have specific graves they want to go to, the Tullys encourage them to take a name or two back from the day’s event and research who they were.

“They say you die twice. When you actually die, and then the last time someone speaks your name. We see it as a way to honor them,” Tully said.

After all the wreaths have been placed, there will be a lunch served at the Beechwoods Presbyterian Church. There are usually about 150 to 200 in attendance, even in years with bad weather. Everyone is welcome to come and help place the wreaths, and come to the lunch.

“We definitely couldn’t do this by ourselves, but it’s a labor of love. It just brings home the remembrance of our veterans,” Tully said. “I keep thinking in years to come, I hope someone remembers our son like that.”

For more information call Jack and Marilyn Tully at (814) 375-4684.

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