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Maintaining a building 100 years old is not easy. A buiding with a century of wear and tear, especially by young adults, is going to need a few things beyond day-to-day care. The Brookville YMCA is no exception.

This year the YMCA is in need of about $47,000 of improvemnts ranging from: Masonry work, the sanding of floors in dance studio, nursery and multipurpose room, new wall mats in the gym, remodleing in the restr ooms and lobby area, a new pool ceiling, a new, non-standard, door for the boiler room, ventilation for the men’s locker room and toilet repairs, stairs for the pool, the removal of a wall in the cardio area to enlage the amount of usable space, a pool pump, painting and updating in general areas, landscaping at the “Discovery Kids” area, new carpet in the day care area, ceiling repair, shelving and filing updates in the executive offices, paiting and resurfacing on the track around the gym, updates in the women’s locker room, two sweepers for cleaning and basketball, hockey nets, Legos for the nursery.

For this year’s YMCA Annual Campaign Chairwoman, Jennifer Black, the YMCA is a very special place. In her campaign letter, she said, in part,:

“The YMCA has been vital for me as to my survival mechanism for life. The YMCA has given me the opportunity to come to a facility and work out my stresses, but mainly my emotions. Having lost our daughter in 2006, I felt no need to really care about life. I was drained emotionally and overcome with grief. I didn’t want to take medications to control my emotions, so I started back to the YMCA. It has been one of the greatest things in my life that I will have forever. I started getting involved with projects, and asking if we could help in any way, which then begins my journey.

“I went back in time when ourdaughter became a gymnast at the YMCA. For seven years she practiced at our “Y.” What a joy it was to her being part of positive energy with a group of gymnasts and staff that were truly dedicated. I cannot begin to tell you how those memories came flooding back and how grateful I became that we have those memories to cherish thanks to the YMCA.

“This made me realize that I need to do more and I am asking for your support on behalf of the YMCA’s dedicated staff; it’s director, Tina Householder; and the board of directors for your contribution,” said Black.

The Brookville YMCA has about 1,900 members (or one-half of the total population of the community), has given away $45,000 in services, memberships and programs, serves nearly 100 youth in the nursery, serves 3,500 youth, families and seniors through programs, serves close to 1,100 youths in programs, memberships and other activities, has 167 Silver Sneaker members, has a cross country team with over 50 members after school, provides an outreach to the community through a Diabetic nutrition exercise program, offers a health and wellness lunch time exercise program (with a special rate for businesses), offers a pre-k school program at the Northside facility which also augments the summer fun programs, has an active swimming team with 72 participants, is involved with local theatre groups, offers a summer fun program with art projects, swim lessons and basketball skill groups, a wrestling camp, flag football and more.

“ We can make the dreams of hundreds of our youth and their families come true in a place where they can gather to learn teamwork, sportsmanship, values, faith, love, and a lifestyle of fitness and health,” said Black.

Gifts to the Brookville YMCA tax-deductible. For additional infprmation, contact the YMCA at 814-849-7355.

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