BROOKVILLE — Brookville Municipal Authority customers can give thanks this week for an early Christmas present they are receiving — no increase in their water or sewage rates in the new year.

At the November meeting of the authority the finance committee presented the proposed budgets for both departments.

Anticipated revenues for the water department will be $1,872,350, with expenditures of $1,337,156. For the sewer department anticipated revenue is $1,447,400, while expenditures are expected to total $1,175,718. Expenditures in both departments include one-time projects and principal payments.

“We are in pretty good shape,” said member Sam McKinley. “We are anticipating we have already increased the rate sufficient to cover some of the pending expenses. While we are in a pretty good position, we still anticipate that when the project is complete there will be a rate increase of some kind, but we have cushioned the blow.”

Board member Dave Love said that the rate increase put into effect several years ago accounts for the surplus that has built up will be used for Phase 1B of the project. “The finance committee has really tried, since that last rate increase, not to spend any of that extra on operations,” he said.

McKinley also credited commissioner Clyde Bullers with being “a big help in watching expenditures.”

Both budgets were approved as presented.

Engineer Travis Long also had good news for the authority in his monthly report. “There has been a lot of progress this month, construction related,” he said.

Long said that the work on the White Street pump station is essentially completed. Documentation has been sent to DEP and “everything is good to go.” Even better news was that the project came in $2,054.06 under budget. Restoration work that has not been finished will be completed in the spring.

With the completion of the project “we are in the two year warranty period and we will be monitoring that,” Long said. The recent heavy rainfall presented no problems; “everything performed very favorably.”

Long said that Global Heavy continues work at the new waste water treatment site and Diehl contracting “has been very busy” installing pipe for the Phase 1B portion of the project. “The quality of their work is exceptional; I am very pleased,” he said.

Invoices in the amount of $1,111,605.10 for all three phases of the project were approved for payment.

In other action:

— it was announced that the Municipal Authority office in the Borough Complex will be closed on December 21 and 22, when the new software for the computer system will be implemented.

— accountant Kerry Swineford reported that the ACH bank account monitoring program appears to be working well. The board approved the service for both the water and sewer accounts at S&T Bank at its October meeting.

— Commissioner Clyde Bullers reported that the Port Barnett electrical upgrade was completed in-house, with substantial savings. He said his crew has also been busy with winterizing and continued maintenance projects.

— members were reminded that the food collection for the Brookville Food Pantry will continue until December 11. Non-perishable food items may be dropped off in the lobby of the Borough Complex.

— routine reports were reviewed and approved. The meeting was closed with an executive session.

The next regular meeting of the Brookville Municipal Authority will be held at 4 p.m. Tuesday, Dec. 12

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