AJ Moore and Benji

Pine Creek K-9 Search Unit volunteers A.J. Moore and Benji helped locate a missing Brookville girl Monday night.

BROOKVILLE — A 9-year-old Brookville girl, Raine Elizabeth Brodmerkel, went missing on Monday evening when walking two dogs, according to reports.

Heather Dimmick, assistant chief of the Pine Creek K-9 Search Unit, said the team was dispatched to help with the search for Brodmerkel, along with other area fire departments.

Team member A.J. Moore and K-9 search dog, Benji, were the first two on the scene. It didn’t take long for Benji to lead Moore and a crew of searchers right to the shaken missing girl. She was found just as a storm was approaching.

More than 50 people helped with the search, including volunteers with the Pine Creek Volunteer Fire Department, Brookville Volunteer Fire Company, Corsica Volunteer Fire Company, Summerville Volunteer Fireman’s Association and others.

“It’s a lot of work and dedication,” Dimmick said of having a successful search team. “Our entire K-9 unit, fire department and other neighboring fire departments left their home and their own family to help bring this family together again.”

It’s important for the public to be aware of search team and fire department efforts, specifically for cases like this one that have a happy ending.

“That says something for all the dedication of the volunteers in the area,” Dimmick said. “Volunteering is an important part of our community.”

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