BROOKVILLE — School bells rang Tuesday morning for the students returning to classes in the Brookville Area School District.

Superintendent Robin Fillman said, “Everything went really well. The kids seemed excited to get back to school. They were smiling and talking, and it was a beautiful morning.”

At the high school, she said, “we implemented the metal detectors. We had three police officers to assist us. The kids did not seem annoyed. They opened all the zippers in their backpacks to be searched. The kids were very polite and patient, and everyone was very compliant. It took us 37 minutes to get all the kids in.” She expects the process will take even less time as everyone becomes familiar with the system.

Brookville Police Chief Vince Markle, who was at the high school when students arrived, said the first day using the new metal detectors was “awesome, awesome, awesome. The kids were very receptive and the teachers, administration and students worked well together.”

He said the process moved very smoothly. “We actually thought the metal detectors would take longer than it did, but we were probably only 15 minutes over what a normal day should be.

Markle said he is “excited about the changes and I think it is going to create a positive learning environment.”

Fillman said the first day of school is her “favorite day of the year. Everything worked just fine and it was a good beginning of the year. The only thing we would have changed would have been a little cooler temperatures.”

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