SUMMERVILLE — The Summerville Borough Council struggled with the current and future finances of the municipality as they sought to formulate a budget for 2018.

In the end, the council adopted the $98,784 financial plan for advertisement after adjustments were made to line item allocations.

Going line item by line item council members Cathy Rowles, Frank Kosarich, Chris Campbell, Barry Light and Bill Gatehouse reviewed possible reductions in spending to be able to hold the line on taxes.

Councilman Terry Mauk was absent and there is one vacancy on the seven member body.

The council also realized they face the reality of a tax increase next year.

Among the issues debated were what amount of increased levy would be necessary or prudent.

One mil generates $4,780 and thoughts turned to a full or half mil possibility.

Although there is a need to replace money withdrawn from savings in order to cover the substantial minimum balance required at this time in the checking account, the council agreed that they should do all they can this year to cut expenses and then consider the raise next year.

It was also noted that certain one-time expenses, such as demolition of a condemned house, had impacted the 2017 finances.

Presented as well were the separate budgets for the street lighting and liquid fuels accounts which are managed apart from the general fund. Those figures are $8,400 and $47,000 respectively as proposed.

Municipalities do not receive the liquid fuels money from the state until March or April of the following year but are provided with estimates to aid in formulating budgets.

Those funds are dedicated by law to road maintenance and certain associated expenditures.

Between now and the December 5 regular meeting of the council the proposed budget will be advertised and citizens may inspect the spending plan.

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