A couple weeks ago I wrote about three beautiful young girls whose lives have touched my life. Kali, Ellie and Kaitlyn are all very pretty, as all who see them would agree.

A few days ago I grabbed a packet of sweetener out of the cupboard, and noticed the packets now have inspirational thoughts on the back. The one I had pulled out said, ”Leave a little sparkle wherever you go.”

Pete Dinger started to work at our family dairy farm in Brookville the year I was born, 1944. He was 12 years old and came from a large family. They needed help.

Cowboy legend Roy Rogers and his wife, Dale Evans, used to sing a song telling us that “Faith, hope and charity” is “the way to live successfully.”

One of the favorite passages in the Bible for pastors to use when preaching a Mother’s Day sermon is found in Proverbs 31. These verses describe the mother who is a virtuous woman, a wife and mother who never stops caring for her family.

I am looking for information on the families of William Hawthorn and George McKee both of whom lived in Jefferson County In the late 1800s. Specifically interesting is William Thompson McKee, born in 1852, and Mary Ann Hawthorn, born in 1853, died 1919. Please send information to: Carol Dono…

Sooner or later, it is bound to happen. Someone is going to write a book, maybe with illustrations, entitled, “365 things to do with toilet paper during a pandemic!”