During the past few weeks, as people have been praying for rain to water the gardens and fill the wells, I noticed that our flower bed has had no shortage of weeds. The flowers have been droopy and wilting, but the weeds seem to be thriving.

Although there are still four months left in this year and a lot can happen in four months, I have a feeling the year 2020 is going to become known as the year of confusion.

A few weeks ago one of the members of our church asked us to pray for a baby who had been born with serious health issues. The doctors said he probably wouldn’t have a very long life.

Today would be my grandma’s 121st birthday. We lost her back in 1981, but still miss her and all the lessons she tried to teach us. When I was young, some of those lessons seemed silly and I thought I would never need to know those things.

A couple weeks ago I wrote about three beautiful young girls whose lives have touched my life. Kali, Ellie and Kaitlyn are all very pretty, as all who see them would agree.

A few days ago I grabbed a packet of sweetener out of the cupboard, and noticed the packets now have inspirational thoughts on the back. The one I had pulled out said, ”Leave a little sparkle wherever you go.”