Cowboy legend Roy Rogers and his wife, Dale Evans, used to sing a song telling us that “Faith, hope and charity” is “the way to live successfully.”

One of the favorite passages in the Bible for pastors to use when preaching a Mother’s Day sermon is found in Proverbs 31. These verses describe the mother who is a virtuous woman, a wife and mother who never stops caring for her family.

Sooner or later, it is bound to happen. Someone is going to write a book, maybe with illustrations, entitled, “365 things to do with toilet paper during a pandemic!”

This past weekend we celebrated a Holy Week like none other we have ever seen. Church doors were closed and their parking lots were empty. There were no Easter egg hunts, no bunnies walking up and down Main Street, handing out chocolate treats. Even family celebrations were for the most part…

Jefferson County is still showing no confirmed coronavirus cases, although we all know it’s just a matter of time before that changes.

The coronavirus has touched every one of us – some only by limiting our activities and others by having loved ones infected by the virus. Threats of the virus are everywhere and the faith of believers is certainly being challenged.

Each day I like everyone else, checking the website to check the map of counties in Pennsylvania in regards to confirmed cases just waiting to see when the first case will be reported for Jefferson County.