One day last week as I was driving into town, I found myself scanning the sky, looking for a rainbow. I thought the conditions were perfect for that to happen. It had rained during the night and the forecast for the day was 90 percent chance of rain. To my left the sky was very dark, but to …

I’m sure most of us have claimed to be a “little Irish” during St. Patrick’s Day but now I can say I may really have a little green in me since I did a DNA test through

A few things are going on at the Jeffersonian Democrat. Love is in the air and so I thought I would take this week’s column to announce or remind (as the case may be) everyone about what’s coming up.

February is almost here which means we’re closer to giving some people a happy phone call. You know, the kind where the person says, “You are one of our winners!”

On one of the episodes of the old Andy Griffith shows, a pre-teen Opie is feeling his first pangs of love. So he asks his father, “Pa, how do you know when someone likes you?”

Brookville’s new sewage treatment plant is finally complete.

Readers won’t want to miss several easy chances to win prizes.