Taking a vacation usually means going somewhere completely different in order to get a change of scenery. While my recent trip to New England did bring a change of scenery in the technical sense, it also brought some comforting sameness.

Yesterday was my nephew’s birthday, which is always a reminder that Christmas is only three months away. That’s right – there are only 76 more shopping days until Christmas!

The Jefferson County Courthouse celebrated its 150th anniversary Friday and what a celebration it was.

The towns we grew up in or live in now often hold special meaning to us.

Death is not something we like to think about, and we like even less to deal with it. Every day we hear reports on the news that someone who is a stranger or only a familiar name to us has died. But sooner or later each and every one of us is touched by the death of someone very special to u…

Every once in awhile I receive a request to talk about something in my column. Last week I had a request from a borough official who has been receiving phone calls about people not following the borough’s ordinance in regards to pets – especially dogs.

Although most of us haven’t heard them, school bells have been ringing around the country for the past few days.

I had the opportunity to watch the Brookville Area High School marching band on the last day of band camp. By Friday the students seemed to just need a little fine-tuning. Amazingly, after only a week of practice, the students could play the songs that are new to them this year and still be …

A few days ago I was coming into town and felt kind of sad. I drove past a house whose owner died earlier this year.