A few days ago I was coming into town and felt kind of sad. I drove past a house whose owner died earlier this year.

A recent trip to Cleveland has me thinking about life. Yes, I was going to the Cleveland Clinic but it was not the purpose of the trip but the trip itself that brought to mind how we so often go through life.

God is so good to us, because he is always sending little lessons our way to make life better – if we have the eyes to see and ears to hear.

When Father’s Day dawns on Sunday, many people will be finding special ways to honor the father(s) in their lives, while others will be remembering the fathers they have lost.

After reading some of the items in last week’s news, I reminded myself again how thankful I am that I am not God, and that God is merciful. After reading some of the police reports, I knew that my judgment would have been instant, probably before the incidents happened, because my anger was …

It was one of those nights when suddenly you are awake, even though the sky is dark except for a few stars, and maybe the moon, shining through the curtains. A quick glance at the clock shows it is only 3 a.m., but the deep sleep I was enjoying decided to go elsewhere for awhile.