Nearly 400 years ago a group of tired men and women set aside their concerns of the day to give thanks to God for all that He had provided during the year.

As adults we often forget to be thankful for the many blessings we receive, blessings which begin the moment we open our eyes in the morning and continue while we sleep during the night.

If we do remember to give thanks, it is for the “big” blessings the world can see, not the little things that only we see in the privacy of wherever they happen.

Children, on the other hand, find blessings in the simplest of things. For example:

I am thankful for martial arts and my family. (Harper, age 5)

I am thankful for a roof over my head, food in my belly, and a family full of love. (Jane, age 8)

I am thankful for my mommy and onions. (Lucy, age 4)

I am thankful for pancakes! (Rhett, age 2)

I’m thankful for friends to give hugs to and share toys with! (Sofia, age 5)

I am thankful when bees don’t sting me, but when they do, mud makes me feel better. (Elijah, age 3)

I’m thankful for my family. I’m thankful for juice and Chinese food, too. (Logan, age 4)

I am thankful for Halloween candy and trees! (Charlotte, age 3)

I am thankful for the people who made Thanksgiving, ‘cause I get to eat turkey and I love turkey. And buildings, because I love buildings. (Theo, age 6)

One of my favorite stories in the Bible is the lesson where Jesus stopped what He was doing when He heard the cries of ten lepers, begging to be healed. All the lepers were healed that day, yet only one paused to thank the Lord for what He had done.

All of us have been blessed in many ways since our last Thanksgiving dinner — have we been like the one leper who stopped to thank the Lord for what he had received, or are we like the nine who never stopped to say thanks for the blessing they had just received?

Every day we are blessed in so many ways that we tend to take these blessings for granted. If you have been keeping a list of things for which you are thankful, how would you feel if those blessings were taken from you, or had never been given?

Elsewhere in this edition you can read letters written by third-graders at Hickory Grove. In their letters the children tell of the things for which they are thankful this year as we celebrate Thanksgiving. What I found interesting about the letters is that a lot of the children not only told what they are thankful for, they told why they are thankful.

Children can teach us so much, yet so often we don’t take the time to listen. If you have a few minutes to read at least some of the letters, it might bring back some memories of blessings we sometimes forget as we get older.


From our home in Ramsaytown to your home near or far, may you find many reasons to include the Lord in your Thanksgiving celebration as you remember all the blessings you have received this year. Happy Thanksgiving!

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