We are now in what I have often called the “blah season” of the year.

Christmas decorations are coming down, the days are often cold and gray, and even the TV shows aren’t very exciting. The only holiday in the near future is Valentine’s Day, which for the most part is limited to sending a perky card to a few special family members and friends.

This could easily become a time when a person could get very depressed, unless we realize there are two sides to every coin.

While one side of this coin says it is dreary, gray, uneventful and so on, the other side reminds us that every day can be a gift from God.

There are now only 73 days until the first day of spring. How we use those days will be our choice.

For the past few weeks our minds, emotions and bodies have been working overtime as we prepared for the celebration of Thanksgiving and Christmas, as well as any birthdays, weddings, anniversaries and other personal events that may have come during those couple of months. Shopping, cooking, cleaning, baking, decorating, wrapping and then entertaining have caused many to be tired, if not exhausted. Talking to friends who are my age, we have made the sad discovery that things we did 10, or even five, years ago now seem to take more time and energy to accomplish. Our minds haven’t gotten old, but our bodies are definitely slowing down!

To that end, we can look at the next 10 weeks as a time to rest, to get back some of the energy that we may have over-used during November and December. Instead of seeing only the dreariness that may be on the outside, we can look at it as a blanket that is wrapped around us to keep us warm and cozy as we rest.

During these next couple months, after we get our Christmas thank-you notes written and mailed, after all the scraps of paper, ribbon and decorations are tucked away for next Christmas and even the mountains of Christmas cookies are gone, we need to take a day, a week or even a month just to rest as much as possible. I received three new books for Christmas and am hoping to be able to relax and read all of them. Our bodies, our minds and our spirits need refreshed often – that is probably why the Lord said we are to take one day a week for rest.

These next few weeks might seem like a big bunch of blah on the outside, but on the inside we can make them a wonderful time of rest and renewal for ourselves. Granted, there will be daily responsibilities to care for and accomplish, but there will also be some extra time to get that much-needed rest.

Before we know it spring will be here and as the months grow warmer and the daylight hours grow longer, we will soon find ourselves back on that path that keeps getting busier and busier as the months go by.

So instead of looking at the next few weeks as a blah time, perhaps it will be best to look at this time as a kind of sleep mode – not a time for sleeping 24-7, but a time for resting every part of our being, refreshing our inner and outer selves, and regaining the strength and energy we may have used up during the past few weeks.

This time for rest has been given to us as a gift – how we use it is our choice.

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Thought for the week — Take rest; a field that has rested gives a bountiful crop. (Ovid)

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