It seems every Spring a new crop sprouts up all over the landscape. This crop has a duration of just about a month before it is harvested and either destroyed or carefully stored for the next season.

The crop I am talking about are campaign signs. They are more of a weed to most folks but bear the promise of a bountiful harvest to those who plant them.

Most candidates are very careful about where they plant their signs. Most of them will seek the property owners permission prior to planting. In fact some of the property owners will seek out the candidates and ask for signs. A sign planted in someone’s petunia garden is a symbol of support for that candidate.

It doesn’t always work that way. Unwanted signs keep popping up just like dandelions in my yard. I have heard from a number of folks who woke up one morning and found they were supporting a candidate they did not even know!

It seems some over zealous campaign workers feel obliged to plant one or even two of their guy’s signs near another candidate’s signs. The only problem is that the original sign planter may have had permission but not the second candidate!

It is worse where the ownership of the land is in question. At the entrance to the interstate in Pine Creek Township a veritable sign patch has taken root. Vacant fields and rural intersections are also prime targets for sign planting.

In almost every campaign we hear of signs being stolen or moved but in this instance the opposite is true. The signs are installed and not removed.

Karen Lupone, Chief Clerk of Jefferson County and our local expert on elections, says there is no law against planting signs but courtesy should be observed. She suggests candidates obtain the property owners permission prior to installing a sign.

She also suggests that if a property owner should find an unwanted sign on their property they should remove it and call the candidate. The signs are not cheap and the candidate most likely would welcome an opportunity to recycle the sign.

The good news is that the primary election is May 19 and most of the signs will be gone; As will most of the candidates!


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