Time has moved on from the Brookville Laurel Festival but comments are still being heard about what a wonderful event it was this year. Borough Council members added their comments Tuesday night. Councilwoman Karen Allgeier giving two thumbs up said, “Good job” and noted that she’d attended the festival almost every night. Councilman Richard Baughman said he had people tell him that it was like the festival of days gone by.

Brookville Laurel Festival Board of Directors President Dick Boozer attended Tuesday’s meeting and thanked the council, borough manager Dana Schreckengost, the police department, the street department, Brookville and Pine Creek Volunteer Fire companies for all their help, guidance and understanding as the fledgling board took on the giant task of putting on the Laurel Festival.

While enjoying a job well done, the board is now looking toward next year’s festival. It was with the financial generosity of local companies and organizations that this year’s festival was such a wonderful family-friendly event. After seeing what was accomplished this year, Boozer said it is hoped that they step forward next year and continue to support the festival.

But that is not the only help that is needed. Volunteers are desperately needed.

“We want, need, and hope other volunteers will step forward and help us for next year. We need much more help for Brookville Laurel Festival 2019. We had only 15 plus people step up to the plate this year and desperately need more hands for next year. A force of 100 plus volunteers would put us on the festival map,” he said.

The board has lead the way and now it is time for the community to decide if they liked what they saw and want it to continue to grow for years to come. While everyone is busy, the board is not expecting everyone to be able to be at the festival each night. In talking about needed volunteers, Boozer said, “If they could only donate a few hours it would make a big difference in making the Brookville Laurel Festival 2019 a even bigger successful event.”

So now is the time to decide if you want to be part of the fun of helping with the 2019 Brookville Laurel Festival and seeing the smiles on the faces of young and old alike. The board will not be meeting until fall but if you would like to get involved in this festival, the board will welcome whatever time you can give. As the saying goes, many hands make light work.

Current board members are: Bill Stein, LuAnn Murray, Ron “Fuzz” Young, Sally Allgeier, Sandy Young, Jim “Moon” VanSteenberg, Sara Gallagher, Dick Boozer and Randy Bartley. Boozer is the president of the board; “Fuzzy” Young is the vice-president; Sally Allgeier, treasurer and LuAnn Haugh, secretary. If you want to volunteer your time, reach out to a board member and let them know.

There’s also a vacancy on the Laurel Board. Check out the article on page A8 to find out more if you’re interested in serving on the board.

There are lots of ways volunteers can help out, just ask the board.

The more people involved, the better.

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