During the past few weeks, as people have been praying for rain to water the gardens and fill the wells, I noticed that our flower bed has had no shortage of weeds. The flowers have been droopy and wilting, but the weeds seem to be thriving.

When I walk past the flower bed, I think how the weeds are, sadly, like some people. These weed-people choke out the beauty of others.

When the first COVID-19 reports were being announced, weed-people sprang up faster than anyone could count. They were the ones who were in the stores, hoarding every possible supply they could get their fingers on. While there could have been enough things like sanitizers, paper towels and toilet paper for everyone, because of the weed-people grabbing, hoarding and even re-selling these products at inflated prices, many people suffered.

Some weeks ago the nation was devastated by riots that happened as an offshoot of many protests. Not all the protests were violent, but the riots which followed were. People were hurt, property was stolen, damaged and many times destroyed, and once again the world caught a glimpse of a darker side of America.

The riots were just like the weeds in our flower bed. First there was one weed, then two and all of a sudden they were everywhere. So it was with the riots. Each one started with one or two people and quickly grew into a crowd wanting nothing more than to steal, maybe kill, and destroy. Seems to me I read those words (John 10:10) about someone else who has had the same desire for many, many years.

Another nasty weed growing out of control in our country is the nasty weed called liberal reporters, the ones our President says are reporting “fake news.” Unfortunately, those reporters have given all reporters a bad name. A couple weeks ago I was not allowed to take pictures at a local event, because the sponsors of the event had recently had a bad experience with a reporter. That reporter-weed has choked out the positive attempts of other reporters.

One of the ugliest weeds I have seen growing in recent years is the one that is trying to take away all that America has stood for since 1776. The weeds are twisting the words of our founding fathers to choke out the freedoms we have all enjoyed so they can enjoy their freedom of rebellion. We have seen this happening on the streets, in the sports stadiums and in the political arena.

As adult weeds are choking out so much of the beauty around us, our children are watching and learning. A police report last week said a teenager was arrested for damaging political signs. Where did he learn to do that? Most likely from the comments of the adults who are influencing his life.

The weeds growing in our flower bed did not choose to be there; they just happened. But people do choose to become like weeds. Many reasons are given to justify their actions, but when it comes right down to it, they are just being weeds.

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Thought for the week — When life gives you a hundred reasons to cry, show life you have a thousand reasons to smile.

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