The other morning I was looking at the corner of my desk, and realized it is covered with blessings.

One might ask, how can a work desk be covered with blessings? Well, let me tell you about some of these blessings, and then you can decide.

The most special blessing in that corner is a picture of Rex, taken on our wedding day, a day that changed my life forever. I was stepping into a whole new world of adventure — and responsibility — and he has been right there beside me, all the way. The smile he has in that picture becomes more beautiful to me every day.

There is a little orange rubber duck with the word “happy” written across the bottom. It was given to me by a little girl a couple years ago at our church convention. She said, “I just want to give you something,” and it was all she had. Every time I look at that little duck I think of Savannah, how she always seems happy and always has a smile to share. It reminds me to pray for her and all the children in our churches, because they are our future.

There is a little plush puppy with big blue eyes. It is supposed to be a holder for my cell phone, but I’ve never used it for that. The puppy has its arms wide open, a reminder of the arms that have been opened to give a hug, welcoming me as a cherished family member or friend. That puppy also reminds me to keep my arms open, ready to give as well as receive.

There are several reminders of Christmas, because everyone who knows me well knows how much I love Christmas and all that it can mean. There is a small nativity scene in a snow globe, reminding me of the true meaning of Christmas. There are three tiny Christmas trees, each one unique. One was given by a new friend, reminding me what a blessing friendship is. The others are reminders of all the gifts I have been given over the years — not so much the gifts that were wrapped in pretty paper, but the gifts that really can’t be seen, such as love, friendship, encouragement, forgiveness and so much more.

There is a little solar-powered snowman, sitting on a sled and holding a star. That little snowman has a big smile, and every now and then enough light touches the panel to make him dance. He reminds me that smiles are a blessing, whether given or received; that there are times when we just need to start dancing; and the star he is holding reminds me that there is always a light shining to show us the way.

There is a small cross given to me by a dear friend. On the front it says “A faithful friend is a treasure” and on the back it says “but there is a friend who sticks closer than a brother.” Two little pictures given to me by Rex tell me that “The Lord Jesus Christ is the light of our souls” and “They that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength.” In the front corner is a little sign that says, “Prayer changes things.” There isn’t a day goes by that these little reminders of God’s constant nearness and constant care isn’t needed.

And there is a small stone painted to look like Snoopy. It was on our door step one day, and it found a home on my desk. So simple, just black and white, but with a smile that reminds me that even the most simple things we do can really touch someone’s heart.

A corner filled with blessings, there for me to see every day, if I take the time to receive the blessing. If I were to turn around and look on the shelves behind me, I would see even more blessings, more memories. How about you? Are you surrounded by blessings, too?

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Thought for the week — You never know where a blessing can come from. (Teena Marie)

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