Why do people always look for a rainbow after a thunderstorm?

Rainbows aren’t anything we can touch and they only last for a few moments. They only come on rainy days and are always seen against the darkest part of the sky, reminding us that there may be another storm on the way. So why do people try so hard to see a rainbow?

Perhaps it’s because deep inside we are all searching for the reassurance that God is still in control of the universe, that the covenant made so many years ago with Noah is still there for us today. Maybe it’s because a rainbow reminds us that someone does care about us, and gives us hope to drive on through the storm, whether it is the one that is dropping rain on the countryside or the personal storm we might be facing at the moment.

Living in Jefferson County is a blessing many people might not realize. But there are blessings all around us. One of my favorite sights is the view we get when driving on Fuller Road, just a short distance before it connects with Route 322. At the top of that little hill you can literally see for miles as you look toward the west. It is a view that never gets old; a view that if I were any kind of artist I would love to paint.

On any given day I can see and enjoy for free what many people living in the cities pay to see. I can see deer, raccoons, turkey, bunnies, chipmunks and squirrels as I drive the seven miles into town. The other day I saw a big black bear slowly walking towards the woods, and occasionally (thank the Lord it’s not very often!) I will see a snake on the road. I have seen pheasants, porcupine, a fox or two and even a coyote. For many, most of these creatures would be considered a pest, a nuisance. To me they are another glimpse of God’s magnificent creations. People in the cities pay lots of money to go to a zoo to see these same kinds of animals.

When I was a student at Geneva College, one of my best friends was a girl who had grown up not too far from Columbus, Ohio. She told me the thing that helped her decide to become a student at Geneva was seeing squirrels, chipmunks and bunnies running freely on campus. That was not something she had been able to enjoy in the city.

Sometimes, when the night is really quiet and the sky is really dark in downtown Ramsaytown, the stars shine so brightly it seems like they are close enough to reach out and grab a few. The peace and tranquility that come with nights like that is priceless.

We take so much of the beauty that is all around us every day for granted. But it is a blessing that is given freely in this rural little county, maybe because there are still people who accept the blessing for what it is.

As I write this column it is raining. When I leave the office, will I see a rainbow? I don’t know; the sky doesn’t really seem dark enough for a rainbow today. But I certainly will be looking for a rainbow, for that gentle reminder that in spite of everything that is going on in the world around us, God is still in control.

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Thought for the week — In all things of nature there is something of the marvelous. (Aristotle)

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