It seemed only fitting that on the last day of June, it rained. Not only did it rain but we had a severe thunderstorm about 8 p.m. I have not seen the final statistics yet but I am willing to bet that June was one of the wettest ones on record.

I believe we had about four days during the whole month when it did not rain. Some days we had just a drizzle. Others days we had a deluge.

Joyce Toven tells me this was one of the wettest Laurel Festival she has ever seen. Every day during the festival there was rain. It rained on family fun night. It rained on the pet parade and it rained before the grand parade.

It was so wet the duck race was postponed! It would have been interesting to see just how far the little rubber duckies could have floated had they been released during the high water. New Bethlehem? Surely. Pittsburgh? Certainly. New Orleans? Y’all bet!

It was so wet the folks in Punxsutawney canceled the Groundhog parade. That is really serious.

Nor were we alone. The annual reenactment of the Battle of Gettysburg was postponed until August due to the rain. It was not postponed, as was rumored, because the rebels could not carry their battle flag during the reenactment!

There were signs nearer to home that indicated just how wet June had been.

— There were no Amish observed working in their fields. On the plus side, Amish road apples did not linger as long as they do in dry weather.

— Children, unable to play outside, found out quickly that not playing ball inside really is a house rule.

— It was difficult to find reasonably priced umbrellas in local stores. We did learn the U. S. Justice Department is investigating complaints of open umbrellas being used as weapons - usually by pre-schoolers. The FBI is also considering a ban on closed umbrellas being used as fencing foils.

— Penn State has initiated a federally funded study on the similarities between plant life and humans during periods of extended rain. It would seem both plants and people tend to lean toward the sun when there was a break in the clouds.

— There was a run on false faces as eather forecasters tried to protect their identity.

— Women are wearing boots and it is not a fashion statement.

— There was a new form of lawnmower race. This was more in the line of man against nature as home owners scurried to get the lawn cut before the next storm arrived.

— Ladies who were normally seen tending to their flowers were seen digging drainage ditches around their prized plants to keep them from drowning.

— There was a run on disposable ponchos as parents scrambled to grab them up before heading out to all of those absolutely crucial baseball and soccer games.

— The folks living along Summerville’s ill-named Water Street had a worn look about them from too many nights listening to the Redbank Creek rushing by.

— Auto parts stores had a rush on wiper replacements.

— Jim Lipuma, owner of the Moon Light Drive In, was seen sprinkling popcorn in his parking lot. We are told this is some sort of ritual performed by outdoor theater owners either to satisfy the weather gods or coax better movies out of Hollywood.

— The rush of rained out campers careening down Route 36 from Cook Forest on Sunday resembled a NASCAR race with trailers.

There are a few good things about a wet month.

— The drought is over.

— The E.coli bacteria really should have been flushed out of the swimming area at the Walter Dick Park. If not I would suggest Penn State conduct a study on the world’s most resilient bacteria.

— The Brookville Borough should be able to save money on a storm water sewer study. By now everyone in town knows which sewers worked and which ones didn’t.

— The rain should make a for a good pumpkin harvest.

— Home owners can save money on mushrooms because it seems every lawn can grow them.

— It was grand time to find rainbows.

Probably the best thing of all is that we had an opportunity to share some quality time with our families.


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