I’d like to offer two distinct thoughts regarding the Thursday, August 16 edition of the Jeffersonian Democrat.

First and foremost, many kudos to the newspaper and to Joy Norwood on the absolutely amazing articles about the Brookville School District band camp, its members and teacher, and their love of music. This in-depth type of local coverage reminds me of why I subscribed to the Jeffersonian Democrat in the first place. It is the kind of thing I haven't seen from any other news source, and it was a splendid read.

Second, I’ve been enjoying the editorial columns in the JD for years, and many are quite educational. From Patty Slaughter to Randy Bartley and now Joy Norwood, all of the local columnists have been good. For a time that was also true for Harold Pease’s “Liberty Under Fire”, which had occasionally been a great read on the topic of the Constitution. Sadly, however, Mr. Pease’s column has recently devolved into nothing more than wild and speculative conspiracy theories, with little or no constructive purpose. There are many great writers out there. Please consider using someone else to write a column in place of “Liberty Under Fire,” as Mr. Pease’s recent work is the only thing detracting from your otherwise amazing newspaper.

Scott Seeley


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