Monday morning, August 5, I received a phone call. The voice on the other end said, 'Grandpa this is your grandson." I immediately recognized it as a scam to extort money from me. When I questioned him, the callers answers were very vague. When I asked him which grandson, he wouldn't give me a name. He said his voice sounded different because he was in an accident and broke his nose. I let hime talk for awhile, when I heard enough I asked him, "What's the code word?" Click, end of conversation.

When we first began to hear of this scam a few years ago, we talked to our grandchildren and decided on a code word just in case it happened to us.

These people are clever. They prey on unsuspecting grandparents who only want to help their grandchildren who they believe are in some  kind of trouble. Don't become a victim of this, talk to your grandchildren and set up a code word. Do it today!

– Ron Battaglia, Brookville

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