I won't change the world today, I'm only engaged to it.

Watched a Great Blue Heron work the shallows of our pond, added color of a sunset to a pastel I'm working on, took Beatrice, our dog, out to chase the ball and continued my read of the Soul of America.

Change comes ever so slowly. Wisdom dictates that each of our lives needs to be testaments to growth. How do some emerge from the foolishnesses of racism and entitlement to inclusiveness and charity while others stall in hate and fear?

The mystery, I think, lies in the effort to engage in useful, but simple determined pursuits.

It took women 150 years, beginning with a simple message from Abigail Adams to John, that women need a voice, to finally, the 19th amendment in 1920, to simply gain the right to vote.

Slowly, inexorably, change occurs. We, those who are engaged, see, through simple pursuits, the blessings of insight, knowledge and the courage to grow.

An African American is the democratic nominee for governor of Florida. As a young lieutenant, stationed in Florida in early 1970, I saw to my regret, that bathrooms and water fountains were segregated for blacks. Nearly 50 years since that time to finally grow.

Robert Dull, Brookville

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